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THE GENERALS - New Album "To Hell" via Black Zombie Records - Details & Video revealed

Black Zombie Records proudly announces the third full-length of Swedish Death'n'Rollers THE GENERALS!

"To Hell" will be released on February 26th 2021. It was produced by Tomas Skogsberg and recorded at Sunlight Studio, Black Zombie Studio and Dead Dog Farm. The mix and mastering were handled by Lawrence Mackrory at Dugout Productions (FKÜ, LIK, Baest).

THE GENERALS founded in 2002 with a mission to play dirty Action Rock, but quickly evolved into a Death’n’Roll machine. Even though there is still a vein of Rock'n'Roll throughout the music, the band's new album is more Death Metal than ever before. The mix of crushing riffs, epic choruses and evil melodies makes for a headbanging recipe for success.

A video clip for the title track is available at this location: https://youtu.be/zh7dKiCIdVg

1. Faith In Fire
2. To Hell
3. Evolution Of The Flesh
4. Thrill Kill
5. Locate Decapitate Incinerate
6. No Atonement
7. Deadlock
8. Demonical Trait
9. Bombardment
10. Undying Death

Rickard Hednar - Vocals & Bass
Rickard Fäldt - Guitar
Marius Tömte - Guitar
Martin Svensson - Drums

www.facebook.com/thegeneralsSWE +++ www.facebook.com/Blackzombierecords +++ www.blackzombierecords.se

THE RODS - 40th Anniversary Re-issues via High Roller Records

THE RODS – this means 40 years of heavy metal history with many classic albums and legendary metal hits!

Quote from RODS drummer Carl Canedy: "I am thrilled that High Roller Records are doing official reissues of the entire THE RODS catalog! From original sources and with high-quality artwork, as well as bonus material. Finally the fans will have the chance to purchase THE RODS‘ music as it was intended. It has been an amazing journey and after 40 years we are happy that the fans have this opportunity! There has been various bootleg and low-fi stuff released over the years so this is very exciting for the band as well!"

To celebrate this and 40 years of THE RODS, the band has available on all digital platforms the new 2020 40th anniversary version of "Crank It Up" mixed by the brilliant Fred Coury!

The re-issues will be available in late summer/autumn 2021.

THE RODS are an American heavy metal band formed in 1980 by David "Rock" Feinstein (guitar, vocals), Steven Starmer (bass, vocals), and Carl Canedy (drums, vocals). Their first album was originally released independently as "Rock Hard" in 1980 and the following year the band was signed by Arista Records, who reordered the album tracks and released it simply titled „The Rods“. Their second album "Wild Dogs" followed in 1982. All in all the band has released 8 studio albums so far.

www.therods.com +++ https://www.hrrecords.de

SATAN'S FALL - "Final Day" - Full Album Stream

Finnish Heavy Metallers SATAN’S FALL proudly present a full stream of their upcoming debut album!

You can listen to "Final Day" in its entirety at this location now: https://youtu.be/lJZ4rfqKwwI

"Final Day" will be released via High Roller Records on December 11th 2020 on CD, the vinyl version will follow January 22nd 2021. The self-recorded material was mixed and mastered by renowned producer Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios.

SATAN’S FALL hark back to metal’s past while conveying a musical and lyrical depth which sets them apart!

"Juggernaut" - Official Video Clip: https://youtu.be/LfEa_AE6UGk

1. Forever Blind
2. Madness (Finds a Way)
3. They Come Alive
4. Retribution
5. Juggernaut
6. There Will be Blood
7. The Flamekeeper
8. Final Day

www.facebook.com/SatansFall +++ https://satansfall.bandcamp.com +++ https://www.hrrecords.de

SARVEKAS - New Track Premiere "Dark Spiritual Devotion"

Finnish Black Metal duo SARVEKAS has premiered another song fom their upcoming debut EP "Of Atavistic Fury & Visions", coming on December 4th 2020 via Soulseller Records

"Dark Spiritual Devotion" is available at this location now: https://youtu.be/b87_IYNKYYA

"Of Atavistic Fury & Visions" was recorded and mixed at Ragged Sound Studio by Juha Nikkanen and mastered by Kari Laaksonen (Raja-Audio). The cover artwork was created by Kristina Pavleska.

A momentum of sinister and epic Black Metal, woven with heathenry, Scandinavian mythology and devotion to the dark!

1. Dark Spiritual Devotion
2. Hexenpyre
3. The Sacred Hour of the Hunt
4. Where No Man Has Trodden
5. Surtr's Breath

www.facebook.com/sarvekas +++ http://www.soulsellerrecords.com

THE DEVIANT - New Single "Son Of Dawn"

Norwegian Extreme Blackened Deathers THE DEVIANT have premiered a third advance single from their upcoming new album "Rotting Dreams Of Carrion".

"Son Of Dawn" is available at this location: https://youtu.be/8kM8aaK63-0

The band's third full-length was recorded, mixed and mastered by Ragnar A. Nord Varhaug at Studio Valhalla and features a cover artwork by REH.

Coming on December 4th 2020 via Soulseller Records! The vultures are rising!

1. Atomic Dreams
2. Atomic Revolt
3. Son Of Dawn
4. Torment Inferno
5. It Has A Name
6. Martyrdom
7. Iron Vultures
8. Enter The Storm

www.facebook.com/officialthedeviant +++ www.soulsellerrecords.com

SERPENTS OATH - New Video Clip "Malediction"

Belgian Black Metal horde SERPENTS OATH has unleashed a harrowing video for the track "Malediction", taken of their upcoming debut album "Nihil", which will be released on December 4th through Soulseller Records.

Watch the clip here: http://youtu.be/IashAtm2P-Q

The band comments on the song: "Malediction is about crushing those that oppose you instead of turning the other cheek. On your path there will always be naysayers snapping at your heels. The song describes a destruction ritual to put those worthless hounds to rest and let their own insecurity devour them."

Footage was recorded by Yarne Heylen at the Project Zero Studio in Nijlen. Aimed & Framed was responsible for all animation and effects.

"Nihil" was mixed & mastered at the renowned Stage One Studio with Andy Classen (BELPHEGOR, LEGION OF THE DAMNED). The amazing artwork came courtesy of Néstor Avalos, known for his work for bands like DARK FUNERAL & BLOODBATH.

1. Vox Mortis
2. Speaking in Tongues
3. Leviathan Speaks
4. Thrice Cursed
5. Malediction
6. Serpents of Eight
7. Bestia Resurrectus
8. Into the Abyss
9. Mephisto
10. The Beast Reborn
11. The Swords of Night and Day
12. Beyond the Gates

www.facebook.com/serpentsoath +++ www.soulsellerrecords.com

CIDESPHERE - New Video Clip "Plague Of Greed"

Turkish Death Metallers CIDESPHERE have unleashed another song from their upcoming new full-length "Dawn Of A New Epoch".

Check out the video clip for "Plague Of Greed" at this location: https://youtu.be/VYLCeX9lfD8

The band's sophomore album, featuring an artwork designed by Delic Saike, will be released via Testimony Records on November 13th 2020.

With "Dawn Of A New Epoch", CIDESPHERE deliver powerful, crushing and highly melodic Death Metal taking influences from bands such as At The Gates, Dissection or Hypocrisy.

Audio streams: https://testimonyrecords.bandcamp.com/album/cidesphere-dawn-of-a-new-epoch

1. Reborn Into Extinction
2. Plague Of Greed
3. Living Scars
4. Sacred Patronage
5. Sadist
6. Dawn Of A New Epoch
7. Death Is Only Ours
8. March Of The Backstabbers
9. Hate Design
10. Sui Caedere

https://www.facebook.com/cidesphere +++ http://www.facebook.com/testimonyrecords +++ https://testimonyrecords.bigcartel.com/products

Cristiano Filippini's FLAMES OF HEAVEN - Debut Album Announcement

Limb Music is very proud to announce the signing of Cristiano Filippini's FLAMES OF HEAVEN for their debut album "The Force Within", out on November 20th 2020 on all digital platforms and on CD with a CD only bonus track.

"The Force Within" is a great mix of Epic Power Metal and Hard Rock/80s AOR with electronic influences and symphonic music played by a real orchestra. Great melodies, epic choirs, romantic ballads with a huge, modern and powerful production.

Mixed at 5by5 Studio by Matias Kupianen (Stratovarius) and mastered at Finnvox Studio by Mika Jussila (Nightwish, Stratovarius, Avantasia). Cover, logo and artwork by Stan W. Decker (Dragonforce, Timo Tolkki's Avalon, Rage, Masters Of Disguise).

Be prepared for an epic, melodic and powerful album... so stay tuned!

01. The Force Within
02. We Fight For Eternity
03. Far Away
04. Against The Hellfire
05. Always With You
06. Dying For Love
07. Finding Yourself
08. Lightning In The Night
09. Missing You
10. Moonlight Phantom
11. The Angel And The Faith
12. Ab Angelis Defensa
CD only Bonustrack:
13. Missing You (Acoustic Version)

www.cristianofilippini.com/flamesofheaven +++ www.facebook.com/cristianofilippinisflamesofheaven +++ www.limb-music.com

TUATHA DE DANANN - New Album "The Tribes Of Witching Souls" via Trollzorn - Video Clip available

Trolllzorn proudly presents the new album of Brazilian Folk Metal/Rock pioneers TUATHA DE DANANN!

"The Tribes Of Witching Souls" will be released on November 13th 2020.

According to lead singer Bruno Maia, “The Tribes of Witching Souls” goes back to the mythical side of the band by addressing the creatures or people of the goddess Danu and sings about some characters that were featured in the band's old songs. The lyrics make references and allusions to the giant Brazuzan, the dwarf Finganforn and other "magical journeys" to the fairy world.

Check out the official videoclip for the track "Turn" at this location: https://youtu.be/i9C1ch-Vt1Y

1. The Tribes of Witching Souls
2. Turn
3. Warrior Queen
4. Your Wall Shall Fall
5. Conjura
6. Outcry
7. Tan Pinga ra Tan

www.facebook.com/Tuathadedanannofficial+++ www.trollzorn.de

PARADOXXON - Debut Full-Length via Black Skull Records - "Narben" Videoclip

Death/Thrashers PARADOXXON, featuring ex-Protector vocalist Jacek in their ranks, proudly announce their debut full-length!

"Schmucklos" ('ungarnished') will be released on November 13th 2020 via Black Skull Records and offers a breath of fresh air by merging different influences and styles with German lyrcis.

A videoclip for the track "Narben" ('scars') has been published at this location: https://youtu.be/Xq8VdXAz_LE


1. Küss den Lauf
2. Hochmut und Fall
3. Tränen vergessener Schatten
4. Narben
5. Das Leben
6. Untergang
7. Taktgeber des Seins
8. Eins mit der Nacht
9. Lass uns feiern (Bonustrack)

www.facebook.com/paradoxxon.band +++ https://www.facebook.com/Black-Skull-Records-224861387592320
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