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PHANTOM WINTER - New Album "Her Cold Materials" out now via This Charming Man Records - New Video Clip

The new album of German Winterdoom outfit PHANTOM WINTER is out now via This Charming Man Records! "Her Cold Materials" is a coming-of-age folk horror tale about an adolescent woman. The name is derived from Philip Pullman's cycle of novels, “His Dark Materials”, about a teenage girl who must find herself and save her world.

Along with the album release, PHANTOM WINTER have premiered a new video clip for the track "Shadow Barricade": https://youtu.be/1QL6ZrRBUUM

When instrumental Doom act OMEGA MASSIF announced its break-up, members Andreas Schmittfull and Christof Rath reformed under the name PHANTOM WINTER. The aim was to create extreme music. They called the style "Winterdoom".

Melancholy meets cold and anger. The drumming is brutal and staccato-like, reminding on machines and monstrosities. Lots of noise, lots of anger, lots of Doom, Post and even Black Metal elements, apocalyptic scenarios set to music, dense atmosphere, subtle guitar melodies, a bit of drone, sometimes compact and sometimes epic. PHANTOM WINTER weave all these components lovingly and serve the whole outcome on top level with ornaments next to loads of dirt. Their live performances are always intense and angry, visitors like to compare them to church services.

1. Flamethrowers
2. Her Wound is Grave
3. When I Throw Up
4. Shadow Barricade
5. Dark Lanterns
6. The Unbeholden

https://thischarmingmanrecords.de +++ https://www.facebook.com/wintercvlt

THE WATCHER - Deal with Cruz Del Sur Music - New Album in 2024

Cruz Del Sur Music is proud to announce the signing of Boston classic metal/doom outfit, THE WATCHER. The label will release the band’s first full-length in 2024.

THE WATCHER is the 2016 creation of guitarist/bassist Max Furst, who, after many years of playing darker and heavier styles of metal, wanted to write music that was more driving, epic and up-tempo. Furst embarked on finding the proper musicians, first landing on drummer Chris Spraker. The two promptly began work on the music that would become the “Your Turn To Die” EP. But first, they needed to find a vocalist.

“After years of dead ends and countless ‘no’s,’ I was fortuitously introduced to Paden Reed in late 2020 through a mutual acquaintance,” says Furst. “Paden was the first person to come at the project with sincere enthusiasm, and in July 2020, he sent me a demo of what would become ‘Your Turn To Die.’ I was beyond floored by his delivery of the vocals and his interpretation of the music. I immediately knew we had something special, so we spent the next few months developing vocals for two additional songs from a 2017 instrumental demo. Paden then went into a studio to properly record the vocals; we then mixed and mastered the entire session.”

The “Your Turn To Die” EP finally saw the light of day in 2021. The wait for THE WATCHER was worth it — the EP was warmly received across the metal underground for its tight, immediate songwriting and timeless blend of BLACK SABBATH and NWOBHM. (To boot, all physical copies of “Your Turn To Die” are sold out!)

Furst says THE WATCHER is currently set to finish tracking the album this coming month with Sasha Stroud at Artifact Audio in New York City.
With new tracks on the way along with the promise of future live shows, joining the Cruz Del Sur Music roster is the logical next step for THE WATCHER.

“Finding a label that felt right for the band was tricky,” says Furst. “I was fortunate enough to be put in touch with Cruz Del Sur through a mutual friend. Cruz Del Sur stood out to me because of the wide range of bands they release. While everything is squarely within the scope of the metal genre, each band has a distinct and unique quality about them. Above all, all of the folks at Cruz Del Sur seem incredibly passionate about the music they release. To me, that implies a true personal investment in what they do and that is the most important trait a label should have, in my opinion.”

https://www.cruzdelsurmusic.com +++ https://thewatcherheavymetal.bandcamp.com

IMPALEMENT - New Track Premiere - Dawn Of Blackened Death

Swiss Black/Death Metal force IMPALEMENT has premiered another song from the upcoming sophomore full-length album, "The Dawn Of Blackened Death", set for a self-release on October 27th 2023 on CD, LP and digitally on all relevant platforms.

You can listen to the track "Dawn Of Blackened Death" at this location: https://youtu.be/xbcYvZES550

The follow-up to 2020's highly acclaimed debut "The Impalement" was recorded by Jens “Pestilence“ Förster at AMP Studios in Duisburg, Germany and mixed & mastered by Andy Classen (Stage One Studios). The cover artwork was crafted by Carlos “Black Shadows“ Aguilar.

"The Dawn Of Blackened Death" was completely written and composed by founder Beliath and provides 7 tracks of IMPALEMENT's unique blend of Death and Black Metal - heavy riffing, brutal intensity as well as aesthetic melodics.

The live line-up of the band will promote the new album on the "Fear The Eternal Return"-Tour in November/December 2023, joining forces with Gorgoroth.

1. The Herd Marches On
2. Dawn Of Blackened Death
3. Legio Nihil
4. The Old Ones
5. Will To Power
6. Death To The Gods
7. Chosen By Tragedy

https://www.impalement.ch +++ https://impalementofficial.bandcamp.com

PHOBOCOSM - New Album 'Foreordained' via Dark Descent Records - Trackstream available

Montréal’s PHOBOCOSM continue their career-spanning collaboration with Dark Descent Records with third full-length "Foreordained", set for release on December 8th 2023.

"Foreordained" is an amalgamation of everything that came before it. A perfectly balanced fusion of the murky death metal depravity of debut "Deprived", blended with the devastating doom of "Bringer Of Drought". Remarkably, this was the plan all along: “When we wrote Deprived, we decided that our first three albums would be a trilogy, so 'Foreordained' is the last chapter of that trilogy. We made a conscious effort to pace all three albums in a similar manner, since we wanted them to be linked - starting with a slow, crushing doom song and concluding with a long, epic, depressive one. It's not a coincidence,” reveals guitarist Samuel Dufour.

As their genre of choice would suggest, "Foreordained"'s lyrical concepts are about death, as well as the futility of denying one’s inherent mortality. Hence the name of the album; meaning predestined, inevitable… “Since death is unavoidable, the end of all life and of our planet is also unavoidable, so there are apocalyptic themes also. The closer 'For an Aeon' is about a possible way the world as we know it could end.”

Wrapped in artwork by the inimitable Lauri Laaksonen of Desolate Shrine, Convocation and Pestilent Hex fame, "Foreordained" is set to be a 2023 death metal highlight.

PHOBOCOSM intend to tour the US and Europe in support of "Foreordained". The band would also like to welcome back guitarist Rob Milley, who will be performing on upcoming tours and future albums.

"Infomorph" - Official Track Stream: https://youtu.be/PCT0CIqUg1c

1. Premonition
2. Primal Dread
3. Everlasting Void
4. Infomorph
5. Revival
6. For an Aeon

https://www.facebook.com/DarkDescentRecords +++https://www.facebook.com/Phobocosm

CARNAL TOMB - New Track Stream 'Embalmed In Decay' via Testimony Records

German Deathers CARNAL TOMB have revealed the title track from their upcoming new album, "Embalmed in Decay".

Check it out at this location: https://youtu.be/U2MlSbYG4gg

"Embalmed in Decay", the band's third full-length, will be released on November 3rd 2023 via Testimony Records on CD, LP and digitally. It was recorded and mixed by Tobias Engl at Englsound in Berlin / Germany and mastered by Sverker Widgren at Wing Studios, Stockholm / Sweden.

On their new album, CARNAL TOMB have honed their songwriting to razor-edged sharpness with slightly shorter tracks compared to their previous releases, fast forward blast beats, and they have also kept some of their characteristic doom-driven passages. It all adds up to a contemporary version of classic death metal with enormous firepower that will cement their status as one of the hottest young acts of this most brutal genre.

This beautifully putrid and rotten manifest of morbidity perfectly channels the spirit of Old School Death Metal!

Artwork by Skaðvaldur.

1. Intro
2. The Putridarium
3. Cataclysmic Maze
4. Defiled Flesh
5. Draped in Disgust
6. Cerebral Ingestion
7. Morgue Usurper
8. Embalmed in Decay
9. Eyes of the Chasm

http://lnk.spkr.media/carnal-tomb +++ https://www.facebook.com/testimonyrecords +++ https://www.facebook.com/CarnalTombDeathMetal

INFERNAL EXECRATOR - New Album 'Diabolatry' via Pulverised Records - Details & New Track Stream unveiled

Singaporean Black Metallers INFERNAL EXECRATOR return with their unholy third proclamation!

Their new album "Diabolatry" will be released on December 15th 2023 via Pulverised Records.

It was recorded, mixed & mastered by Impiety axeman Nizam Aziz at Sacrificial Altar 47. The cover artwork was crafted once again by Indonesian illustrator Jenglot Hitam (Perdition Temple, Stukas, Impiety, etc).

A first track, "Marauders Prayers Of Profanation", can be checked out here: https://youtu.be/C01j9QoA2T8

Expect a savage attack of cruel Black Metal in its most quintessential form!

1. Aeternalis Diaboli Satanas
2. Corporeal Adversaries
3. Infernal Storm Of Oblivion
4. Marauders Prayers Of Profanation
5. Terrorized Consecration
6. Asmodei Bestialust Conjuration
7. Blazing Acheronic Tyrants
8. Diabolatry

https://pulverised.net +++ https://www.facebook.com/Infernal.Execrator

CARDINALS FOLLY - New Single Premiere - Priesthood Of Darkness

Finnish Doomers CARDINALS FOLLY have revealed the third and final sinlge from their upcoming new album "Live By The Sword", set for release on October 27th 2023 via Soulseller Records.

"Priesthood Of Darkness" can be checked out here: https://youtu.be/_gTyCNWksWU

On their sixth album, CARDINALS FOLLY take almost all that it finds good in metal and molds it into a tighter mass of unholy riffs, blasphemous pagan chants & choruses, luciferian & lovecraftian depravity and all in all a fearless ride to where the witching cauldrons boil hot and the brews are cool.

Ranging from slow epic doom to galloping heavy metal and apocalyptic rock ‘n’ roll, the band loves to murder the listener with all their might.

Pre-order options: https://soulsellerrecords.bandcamp.com (World) +++ https://soulsellerrecords.aisamerch.com (Americas)

Cover art by Witchaser Art.

1. Life Eternal
2. Ride Or Die 666
3. Luciferian
4. Priesthood of Darkness
5. Innsmouth Royalty
6. Live By The Sword
7. Ludovico
8. Last Bastions of Doom

http://www.soulsellerrecords.com +++ https://www.facebook.com/cardinalsfolly

MARCH TO DIE - Debut Album "Tears Of The Gorgon" via No Remorse Records - Lyric Video

No Remorse Records proudly announces the debut full-length album of Cyprus & Greece based Metallers MARCH TO DIE.

"Tears Of The Gorgon" is scheduled for release on November 24th 2023. It was recorded, mixed and mastered by guitarist Nikolas Moutafis at Steel Fortress Studios. The cover art is a painting by Peter Rubens from 1618.

Featuring members from bands such as Mirror, Friends Of Hell and Solitary Sabred, MARCH TO DIE is a new entity smashing modern metal. Highly recommended for fans of old legends like Manowar and Bathory, even newer bands that are following this path such as Grand Magus and Eternal Champion, MARCH TO DIE are delivering uncompromised sword-wielding Epic Heavy Metal that bows to none.

A lyric video for the track "Stand And Be Counted" can be checked out here: https://youtu.be/ZCzhyfLp_AY

Live shows are planned for 2024 - watch out!

1. The Eternal Oath
2. One Eyed King
3. Hail To Thee
4. Son Of The Old Gods
5. Helmetsmasher
6. March To Die
7. Stand And Be Counted
8. Decapitation
9. Tears Of The Gorgon

Alex Danazoglou - Vocals, Guitar
Nikolas Sprits Moutafis - Guitar
Anastasios Danazoglou - Bass
Hugo Enrique Olivos - Drums

https://www.noremorse.gr +++ https://www.facebook.com/marchtodie666

SHRAPNEL STORM - New Album 'Silo' out now via Great Dane Records - Full Stream available

The third full-length of Finnish death horde SHRAPNEL STORM, entitled "Silo", is out now via Great Dane Records!

You can listen to the album in its entirety at this location: https://greatdanerecords.bandcamp.com/album/silo

On "Silo", SHRAPNEL STORM keep on delivering crushing mid-tempo death metal, mixed with ruthless thrash components, speed and groove. These attributes are on full display over the course of eleven new tracks, set in a lightning warzone.

The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Daniel Rantanen at Danko Tones / JR Audio Studios and was produced by Aadolf Virtanen. The cover and booklet design was created by Ville Yrjola.

Get ready for old-school death metal from Tampere / Finland, fitting alongside the likes of Bolt Thrower, Obituary and Six Feet Under!

01. Silo
02. Wastelands
03. Justice And Glory
04. The Only Snake Here Is You
05. Alive Ammunition
06. Bring Me The War
07. Conquering The Gods
08. Icon Of Destruction
09. Obey And Perish
10. Kinslayer
11. This Is Where I Fell

https://www.facebook.com/shrapnelstormband +++ https://www.instagram.com/shrapnel_storm

SKILTRON - New Album "Bruadarach" via Trollzorn Records - Details, Trackstream and Tourdates

Trollzorn Records proudly annouces the new masterpiece of Power Celtic Metallers SKILTRON, entitled "Bruadarach", set for release on December 1st 2023.

The quintet, originally born in Argentina and now based in Finland, delivers its 6th studio album in better shape than ever, with epic tunes performed with power and skill. Without a doubt, this work puts the band on a new level with their trademark sound merging the strength of Heavy Metal with the charm of Celtic melodies. Mighty heavy rhythms, with solid drums and bass, smashing guitars, powerful bagpipes and catchy and inspiring vocals and choruses.

Check out the first single, "As We Fight", here: https://youtu.be/yPDzXYUv7lM

Founded 19 years ago by Emilio Souto, SKILTRON has traveled a path full of highlights, playing in over 30 countries, including the biggest festivals in Europe, headlining tours and performances as far as Japan. Now it’s time to conquer the rest of the world with an amazing new album that has everything necessary to capture the attention of those already familar and a new audience to come.

01. Triumph & Devotion (Intro)
02. As We Fight
03. This Battle Is My Own
04. Where The Heart Is
05. Proud To Defend
06. Turadh (Instrumental)
07. I Am What I Am
08. A Treasure Beyond Imagination
09. Rob Roy
10. Haste Ye Back
11. Saor Alba (Outro)

Emilio Souto: Guitars, Bouzouki, Backing Vocals and Synths Programming
Ignacio Lopez: Bass
Pierre Delaporte: Great Highland Bagpipes and Tin-Whistle
Joonas Nislin: Drums and Percussion
Paolo Ribaldini: Vocals

30.01-03.02.23 CARIBBEAN - 70000 Tons of Metal Cruise
25.03.23 FINLAND - Olympia, Tampere
23.06.23 GERMANY - Feuertanz Festival
21.07.23 CZECH REPUBLIC - Keltská Noc Festival
16.09.23 AUSTRIA - Lake Rock Festival
13.01.24 DENMARK - Epic Fest
06.04.24 FRANCE - Ar'Van Fest
05.07.24 GERMANY - Castle Fest
24.08.24 CZECH REPUBLIC - International Bagpipe Festival

https://www.trollzorn.de +++ https://www.instagram.com/skiltron
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