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RECEIVER - Debut Album 'Whispers of Lore' via Gates Of Hell Records - Track Premiere

Gates Of Hell Records proudly announces the debut offering from Cyprus based Heavy Metallers RECEIVER!

"Whispers of Lore" will be released on November 10th 2023 on CD, LP and digitally.

Formed in 2011 in Nicosia, RECEIVER has made it its mission to deliver pure heavy, epic metal with a dose of folk influences. The band honors legends such as Iron Maiden, Warlord, Manilla Road, Omen, Black Sabbath, Dio, Heaven’s Gate, Riot, Savatage and Saracen, but also the traditional music of the island of Cyprus and folk from around the world such as The Dubliners and Sandy Denny.

Recorded in Athens, Greece, at Entasis Studios with Nick Papakostas (who also mixed and mastered the record), "Whispers of Lore" features a striking, memorable array of songs, graced with the soaring clean vocals of Nikoletta Kyprianou and backed by sterling guitar melodies.

Epic metal collides with folk and NWOBHM in an album stocked with fantasy and allegory - "Whispers of Lore" is a climatic, melody-dominated adventure for the ages!

The album's opening track, "Unite", can be checked out here: https://youtu.be/zY4NM4QHVoc

1. Unite
2. Starchaser
3. Trespasser
4. Falling to Dust
5. Wilderness (Cover from "Golden Axe" video game)
6. Raiders of the Night
7. Arrow
8. Whispers of Lore
9. Prowess and Decay (CD Bonustrack)

https://www.facebook.com/gatesofhellrecords +++ https://www.facebook.com/ReceiverCY

HIGH SPIRITS - New Album "Safe on the Other Side" via High Roller Records - Details revealed / Single Premiere

Chicago-based high-energy rockers HIGH SPIRITS are pleased to announce their upcoming fifth full-length album, "Safe on the Other Side".

It will be released on November 24th 2023 on CD, LP and cassette by the band’s longtime label partner High Roller Records, as well as on all of the major digital music platforms for streaming and/or download.

You can listen to the first single, entitled "In the Moonlight", at this location: https://youtu.be/6O-xD4xtv5c

Like its predecessor, 2020’s "Hard to Stop", the latest from HIGH SPIRITS was recorded by multi-instrumentalist, singer and founder Chris Black at his home studio in Chicago, and then mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound.

"Things always sound different from the inside,” says Chris, “and it’s foolish to generalize. But I think whereas 'Hard to Stop' put my German and British influences in front, 'Safe on the Other Side' seems to favor my American and Scandinavian influences. More importantly though, this is a HIGH SPIRITS album all the way, and you’ll be able to feel that instantly when 'In the Moonlight' hits you!"

01. In the Moonlight
02. Til the End of Time
03. Lonely Nights
04. One Day Closer
05. Anything You Need
06. (There Will Be) Magic Tonight
07. Loving You
08. Please Don’t Leave Me Behind
09. Memories
10. Good Night

https://www.hrrecords.de +++ https://www.facebook.com/highenergyrock

TOMB MOLD - New Album "The Enduring Spirit" via 20 Buck Spin - Full Stream available

20 Buck Spin proudly announces the new full-length album of Canadian Death Metallers TOMB MOLD.

"The Enduring Spirit" will be released on October 13th 2023 on LP, Picture LP, CD, and MC, while the digital release is set already for September 15th. It was recorded at Boxcar Sound Recording by Sean Pearson (Tomb Mold, Dream Unending), and mixed and mastered by Arthur Rizk (Tomb Mold, Dream Unending, Kommand, Gravesend, Power Trip). The album’s artwork was handled by Jesse Jacobi who was also responsible for the "Planetary Clairvoyance" artwork, with additional artwork by Karmazid, layout and design by Chimère Noire.

Full album stream: https://youtu.be/rLHtdAy-h6Q

After releasing three albums in three years and then spending the next four in the wilderness, TOMB MOLD has been reborn on fourth album "The Enduring Spirit", a thoroughly unabashed step into vast new territories. Yet for all its frenetic daring and audacious exploration, "The Enduring Spirit" is never anything other than unmistakably TOMB MOLD.

While the expanding TOMB MOLD architecture could be heard on last year’s self-released "Aperture of Body" tape, particularly on final track "Prestige of Rebirth", it comes into clear focus throughout "The Enduring Spirit". Certainly Derrick Vella’s time creating within and expanding the Doom genre in Dream Unending has seeped into the flesh of TOMB MOLD, not to mention Payson Power and Max Klebanoff’s explorations in their own Daydream Plus project.

With album opener "The Perfect Memory (Phantasm of Aura)" the band’s angular dimension shifting riffing appears right out of the gate as the track travels through varying degrees of progressive Death Metal and some of the band’s most extreme material yet. "Will Of Whispers" enters with a jazz-like fantasy sequence before careening into a blinding white light barrage, tasteful guitar leads and back to a dreamy serpentine pattern, encompassing whole universes in its nearly 7 minute run-time.

The back half of the record continues the voyage into what’s possible with the outward expansion of Death Metal norms, reaching the zenith of 11+ minute album closer "The Enduring Spirit Of Calamity", an otherworldly journey into a vortex where all things converge in space and time and generating the tree of life via luminous celestial composition.

With 4 years away, a band with boundless creative energy, as TOMB MOLD are, were certain to expand the scope of their vision, and on "The Enduring Spirit" they’ve shaped a record with a cinematic environment that offers unlimited avenues of exploration, both for themselves and the listener.

1. The Perfect Memory (Phantasm of Aura)
2. Angelic Fabrications
3. Will Of Whispers
4. Fate’s Tangled Thread
5. Flesh As Armour
6. Servants Of Possibility
7. The Enduring Spirit Of Calamity

Max Klebanoff - Drums, Vocals
Derrick Vella - Guitar, Bass
Payson Power - Guitar

https://www.20buckspin.com +++ https://www.facebook.com/tombmold

VLK - New Album "Solastalgia I" - Video Clip Premiere

Vlk (pronunciation: vilk) was founded in 2021 as a solo project by multi-instrumentalist and musicologist Wolf-Georg Zaddach in Berlin/Brandenburg and combines his love for black and progressive metal, jazz and contemporary music. In July 2021, Vlk released the debut “Transdescendence” exclusively digitally via Bandcamp and received first positive reviews. In 2022, Vlk made his live debut supplemented by live drums and was a support act for Imperial Triumphant (NYC, Century Media) in Germany. "Vlk", Czech for "wolf", is a symbol, an allegory for the conflictual encounter between man and nature, which makes us aware of our own alienation and hubris. Vlk is about this conflict and everything that can grow and flourish from it. Vlk stands for dark and transgressive music and art.

The upcoming new full-length "Solastalgia I", set for release on November 3rd 2023 via Grrrow! Records, is a concept album and the first part of a trilogy.

Solastalgia is a made-up word, formed from Latin (solacium – consolation) and ancient Greek (algos – pain), which was first used by environmental philosopher Glenn Albrecht in the 2000s. Solastalgia refers to the pain and grief of losing our environment: emotions driving to despair, which we bring upon ourselves through our greed and hubris. As a result, the climate and biodiversity crises are intensifying the destruction of the environment and nature.

The album is an artistic reflection and processing of the loss of home, the wealth and diversity of nature, and the livelihoods of all life, which ultimately lead to destruction, agonizing death, and extinction. A dystopian outlook and a warning for the present at the same time.

The trilogy is accompanied by short stories by Wolf-Georg Zaddach as well as photos and images by the artist Sara Zaddach.

"Indigenuity" - Official Video Clip: https://youtu.be/IhcgQ9Aw9pY

1. Collapsology
2. Indigenuity
3. Interlude | Reflect
4. Ballad of the Sorrowful
5. Extinction
6. Loca Inferna

https://www.facebook.com/vlkmetal +++ https://vlkmetal.bandcamp.com

WALDGEFLÜSTER - New Video Clip "The Pit"

German Black Metallers WALDGEFLÜSTER have revealed a second song from their upcoming new mini album "Unter bronzenen Kronen", coming on September 29th 2023 via AOP Records.

A video clip for the track "The Pit", which is a cover version of Panopticon, can be checked out here: https://youtu.be/nevIUHcTo2Q

In 2021 WALDGEFÜSTER joined the highly acclaimed roster of AOP Records, who will take care of the future endeavors of the band. The year showed the release of their 6th full-length record called "Dahoam", which reached #49 in the official German album charts. "Dahoam" is now followed by a new mini-album, entitled “Unter bronzenen Kronen”. The collection of 4 autumnal songs, including 2 covers, shows WALDGEFÜSTER further perfecting their sound and drawing the listener ever deeper into their world of melancholy.

The band states: "We are thrilled to unveil our latest endeavor, a heartfelt compilation of songs to accompany the embrace of Autumn. This collection, although not a full-length album, tries to capture the essence of the season when the leaves turn into shimmering hues of bronze, gold, and red. A sonic reflection of the bittersweet melancholy that seeps into our bones and hearts during this time. We reimagining three existing songs - one of our own and two masterpieces from extraordinary artists - and looked at them from a different angle, casting a new light upon their inherent beauty. Additionally there is a new composition, delving into the realization that our own questions, flaws, and enigmatic uncertainties endlessly circle back to us, leaving an eternal imprint upon our hearts. We invite you to tread alongside us through the bleakness of our everlasting woods. To find solace and respite, resting your weary heads beneath the majestic crowns of bronze that adorn these trees."

1. Unter bronzenen Kronen
2. The Pit (Panopticon Cover)
3. Herbst befiel das Land MMXXIII
4. Black Flies (Ben Howard Cover)

https://shop.aoprecords.de +++ https://www.facebook.com/BlackMetalWaldgefluester

GRAVESEND - Sophomore Album 'Gowanus Death Stomp' coming on October 27th via 20 Buck Spin - Track Premiere

20 Buck Spin announces the sophomore full-length of New York City’s Extreme Metallers GRAVESEND, entitled "Gowanus Death Stomp", set for release on October 27th 2023.

The new album compounds the cruelty displayed on 2021 debut "Methods of Human Disposal" into an ever more gritty and primal barrage of violence. At the crossroads of criminal depravity and urban malaise GRAVESEND utilize many tools of the trade. Black / Death / Grind / War Metal all meld seamlessly into a tar pit of scathing back-alley sadism and acid-tongued vocals.

Like a newly found corpse down by the docks, the smell of decomp is wafting out of every track on "Gowanus Death Stomp". And as with NYC’s underground legends from Cro-Mags to Swans to Type O Negative, GRAVESEND embodies the pulse of the city, even as that pulse bleeds out on the concrete.

"Gowanus Death Stomp" was recorded, mixed and mastered by Arthur Rizk (Tomb Mold, Kommand, Dream Unending).

A first track, "Even a Worm Will Turn", can be checked out at this location: https://youtu.be/6qs0lNWUO7k

01. Deranged
02. 11414
03. Even a Worm Will Turn
04. Festering in Squalor
05. Code of Silence
06. Gowanus Death Stomp
07. Streets of Destitution
08. Make (One’s) Bones
09. Crown of Tar
10. Thirty Caliber Pesticide
11. The Third Rail
12. Mortsafe (Resurrection Men)
13. Lupara Bianca
14. Carried by Six
15. Vermin Victory
16. Enraged

https://www.20buckspin.com +++ https://www.facebook.com/warforgravesend

SODOMISERY - Lyric Video Premiere "Mazzaroth" - Sophomore Full-Length Album via Testimony Records

Swedish Melodic Death Metallers SODOMISERY have revealed the third and final single from their upcoming new album, entitled "Mazzaroth".

A lyric video the title track has been premiered at this location: https://youtu.be/Gsr1B-42QCg

SODOMISERY's sophomore full-length will be released on September 8th 2023 via Testimony Records on CD, LP and digitally.

It was produced by Harris Sopovic himself at Sopovic Antiproductions (Östhammar, Sweden), mixed and mastered by Ronnie Björnström at Björnström Sound & Production (Sundsvall, Sweden) and features a cover artwork from JRMR.

On "Mazzaroth", SODOMISERY are underlining their loosely conceptual approach with a remarkable musical evolution. They are expanding their original sound that combines the power and precision of death metal with the frenzied and cold aggression of black metal, and they have now added a layer of dramatic depth by including keyboards.

In the short time period from their inception in 2015 to the forthcoming second album, the band has progressed by leaps and bounds and "Mazzaroth" is the audible proof of this bold statement!

1. Coming Home
2. Psychogenic
3. Delusion
4. A Storm Without a Wind
5. Master of Your Mind
6. Mazzaroth
7. Rebuilding
8. Demon in Heaven
9. Ephemeral Requiem

Harris Sopovic - Vocals, Guitar
Teddy Möller - Guitar, Choir Vocals on "Demon in Heaven"
Viktor Eklund - Drums
Paul Viscolit - Bass

Guest appearance: Niklas Sandin (KATATONIA, LIK) - Choir Vocals on "Demon in Heaven"

http://lnk.spkr.media/sodomisery-mazzaroth +++ https://www.facebook.com/sodomiseryofficial

ERADIKATED - Thrashing Debut Album "Descendants" via Indie Recordings - New Music Video "Flood" revealed

After releasing two successful singles and playing several prestigious shows during the year, young Swedish Thrashers ERADIKATED will finally unleash their debut album, entitled "Descendants", on October 6th 2023 via Indie Recordings!

"Descendants" is a diverse mix of fast, heavy and technical thrash metal where the common theme spells aggression. Even though you clearly can hear some influences of the 80’s Bay Area scene, ERADIKATED is not to be seen as some retro thing. This is a young, raw and uncompromising band that without a doubt is ready to take on the world – they are the voice of a new generation.

The whole theme of the album is a dystopia and all the lyrics create a coherent story, written by lead singer and guitarist Elvin Landaeus Csizmadia. The purpose with "Descendants" is to listen from start to end, partly to get the story straight, but all the 11 tracks are also composed to fit together and create a natural flow where you don’t want to skip any songs.

Elvin states: "'Descendants' is about an apocalyptic near future where climate disasters are ravaging humanity and greed has left everyone to fend for themselves. The lyrics tell a story of pain and suffering, and of different forces who try to bring about a new world. It's basically about a future I hope we can avoid."

The album was produced by ERADIKATED themselves and recorded by the band's guitarist Ragnar Östberg in his own studio East Hill Audio, then mixed and mastered by the well-respected Gustav Brunn at All In Audio.

A brand new video clip for the track "Flood", featuring live footage from Sweden Rock Festival 2023, can be checked out here: https://youtu.be/xEuSfqaKVI8

01. Unleash
02. Flood
03. Drought
04. Descendants
05. Dead Heaven
06. Hazardous
07. Faced
08. Flames
09. Reckoning
10. Blood-like Red
11. Coffin

Elvin Landaeus Csizmadia - Lead Vocals / Guitar
Ragnar Östberg - Lead Guitar / Vocals
Erland Östberg - Bass / Vocals
Calle Frogner Moberg - Drums

Artwork: Felicia Rosvall & Carl Stjärnlöv

https://shop.indierecordings.no +++ https://eradikated.com

RUIN LUST - New Full-Length Album "Dissimulant" via 20 Buck Spin - Details and Trackstream revealed

20 Buck Spin announces the new album of New York City Death/War Metallers RUIN LUST, entitled "Dissimulant".

The band’s fourth album will be released on September 29th 2023. It was recorded and mixed by Nolan Voss and mastered by Dan Lowndes at Resonance Sound Studio.

Having dropped their third album "Choir of Babel" in early 2020 just before the world shut down, the forces of pandemic did not succeed in silencing RUIN LUST for good. Though confined to their fallout bunker, the band, with martial fervor, began work on what has now, three years later, emerged as their fourth album "Dissimulant".

In the final phase of imperialist rot, RUIN LUST declares war against the festering delusions of a devolving species. The most withering aspects of modern Death Metal, Grinding War Metal and Black Metal’s more bestial tendencies compel this audial exorcism, poisoning the well like a bioweapon spread through open air, suffocating and contemptuous. By the time album closer "Chemical Wind" is done all that remains are parched bones and desiccated shadows.

Barbarically pestilent yet compositionally deliberate, "Dissimulant" casts a bitter pall and leaves an open wound on the Death Metal scene for 2023. A militant milestone in the RUIN LUST discography.

The album’s opening track, "Eden", can be checked out here: https://youtu.be/eg6BBDVAF_0

1. Eden
2. Imperium
3. Clinamen
4. Thrall
5. Dissimulant
6. Purge
7. Infinite Regress
8. Chemical Wind

https://www.facebook.com/20buckspin +++ https://20buckspin.bandcamp.com

DIABOLIC NIGHT - Sophomore Full-Length Album "Beneath The Crimson Prophecy" via High Roller Records - Lyric Video

High Roller Records proudly announces the second full-length album of Teutonic metal brigade DIABOLIC NIGHT!

"Beneath The Crimson Prophecy" will be released on October 20th 2023 on CD and LP. An exclusive tape version is coming via Mortal Rite Records.

A lyric video for the first single, entitled "The Sacred Scriptures", can be checked out here: https://youtu.be/0DCQsTt11OE

Atmospherically, DIABOLIC NIGHT’s new material sports a slightly darker armour without neglecting any of the assets for which multi-instrumentalist, composer and singer Heavy Steeler has become known for: NWoBHM-tinged lead guitar work, addictive melodies, frosty tremolos straight from early-90s Scandinavia as well as unmistakable mid-80s Ruhr area breakneck drumming and a barking vocal delivery.

Still, there’s an epic twist to it all, testament to the narrative structure and Heavy Steeler’s uncompromising vision. Recorded again with the help of trusted skinsman Christhunter in three different studios and graced with another striking cover by Adam Burke (Angel Witch, Portrait), the songs scream to be performed on stage, which will happen, of course, with a full live line-up.

1. Revelation
2. Tales Of Past & Mystery
3. The Sacred Scriptures
4. Pandemonium
5. Starlit Skies
6. Vicious Assault
7. Voyage To Fortune
8. Arktares Has Fallen

https://www.hrrecords.de/DIABOLIC-NIGHT +++ https://www.facebook.com/DiabolicNight
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