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THEM - Tourdates 2017

The international Metal project THEM will embark on a first tour in 2017! The band's line-up is consisting of stellar musicians from around the globe: Mike LePond / Bass (Symphony X), Kevin Talley / Drums (Suffocation), Markus Ullrich / Guitars (Lanfear, Septagon), Markus Johansson / Guitars (Sylencer), Richie Seibel / Keyboards (Lanfear) and Troy Norr "KK Fossor" / Vocals (Coldsteel).

Their highly acclaimed debut concept album "Sweet Hollow" was released in September 2016 via Empire Records. A lyric video for the song "Dead Of Night" is available here: http://youtu.be/nQJA8JBP1dM

THEM - "Cemetery Tour & Festival appearances 2017"
May 12 - DE - Live Music Hall, Mörlenbach-Weiher
May 13 - DE - MTS, Oldenburg
May 18 - DE - Bambi Galore, Hamburg
May 19 - DK - Heavy Agger Festival, Agger
May 20 - DE - Roxy, Flensburg
May 21 - NL - Little Devil, Tilburg
May 24 - PT - Club RCA, Lisbon
May 25 - ES - Sala Gruta 77, Madrid
May 26 - ES - Sala Paberse Matao, Valencia
May 27 - ES - C. C. Valdefierro, Zaragoza
May 28 - ES - Salamandra 2, Barcelona
Sep 29 - DE - Night of the Banging Heads V, Frankenthal
Sep 30 - DE - Harder Than Steel Festival, Dittigheim
Oct 01 - BE - De verlichte Geest, Roeselare
Oct 20 - AT - Mountains Of Madness, Innsbruck

VENENUM - New song available

German Death Metallers VENENUM have unleashed another song of their upcoming new album "Trance of Death" which will be released on 17th March 2017 via Sepulchral Voice Records.

Check out "The Nature Of The Ground" at this location: https://soundcloud.com/sepulchral-voice-records/venenum-the-nature-of-the-ground

1. Entrance
2. Merging Nebular Drapes
3. The Nature Of The Ground
4. Cold Threat
5. Trance Of Death Part I: Reflections
6. Trance Of Death Part II: Metanoia Journey
7. Trance Of Death Part III: There Are Other Worlds...
HERETOIR - New videoclip available

German Post Metallers HERETOIR have published a videoclip for their new song "The White" at this location: https://youtu.be/wfW3K5HTqhg

The track is taken from their upcoming new album "The Circle" which will be released on 24th March 2017 via Northern Silence Productions.

Combining the emotional and atmospheric elements of Black Metal with progressive rhythm-laden modern Metal structures and the beauty of Post Rock and Shoegaze, HERETOIR is a nostalgic, melancholic and soothing soundtrack in a mad world.

1. Alpha
2. The White
3. Inhale
4. Golden Dust
5. My Dreams Are Lights In The Sky
7. Exhale
8. Eclipse
9. Laniakea Dances (Soleils Couchants)
10. Fading With The Grey
11. The Circle (Omega)

PALE KING - Signing with Soulseller Records - Debut Announcement - Song Premiere

Soulseller Records proudly announces the signing and debut album release of Swedish Deathers PALE KING!

The band was founded in 2016 by Jonny Pettersson and Håkan Stuvemark, both known from WOMBBATH among others, and will unleash their first full-length entitled "Monolith Of The Malign" on 21st April 2017 on CD, limited LP and digitally.

Be prepared for high-quality melodic Death Metal with an old school feel, blending influences from bands such as early Paradise Lost, Amorphis, Eucharist and Unanimated!

For a first impression you can check out the title track at this location: soundcloud.com/paleking666/monolith-of-the-malign

1. The Last Hour
2. Ominous Horrors
3. Monolith Of The Malign
4. The Curse
5. Dark Intentions
6. Inflicting Misery
7. Resurrected
8. A Haunted Palace

DISTILLATOR - New album "Summoning The Malicious": Details and first song revealed

Dutch Thrashers DISTILLATOR return with their second full-length: "Summoning The Malicious" will be released on 1st May 2017 via Empire Records!

The concept album, with the main focus on freedom as a whole, introduces more diversity, melody and character than its predecessor and offers elements that go even far beyond the Thrash Metal genre. It was recorded in the band’s own studio, mix and mastering were done by Dennis Köhne (Sodom, Melechesh, Exumer, etc).

A lyric video for the track "Estates Of The Realm" is available at this location: http://youtu.be/u7uFI4IE2C4

Since the release of their crushing debut "Revolutionary Cells" (2015), the trio is considered as one of the most important newcomers in the Dutch scene – not only because of their excellent music, but also regarding their energetic live shows.

1. Blinded By Chauvinism
2. Mechanized Existence
3. Estates Of The Realm
4. Summoning The Malicious
5. Enter The Void
6. Algorithmic Citizenship
7. Stature Of Liberty
8. The King Of Kings
9. Megalomania

REVEL IN FLESH - "Casket Ride" video unleashed

German Death Metallers REVEL IN FLESH proudly present another video clip for their highly acclaimed new album "Emissary Of All Plagues", which was released in December 2016 via Cyclone Empire.

Join the "Casket Ride" here: https://youtu.be/gI58PrzlNjU

The clip was premiered by Metal Hammer (GER) and Nocleansinging.com.
HELL:ON - New videoclip available

Ukranian Death-Thrashers HELL:ON are pleased to introduce their new video “Filth”, which was shot last summer in the "cradle" of the Ukrainian spirit: the Khortytsia National Sanctuary, with the support of the Museum of History of Zaporizhzhya Cossacks.

Check it out at this location: https://youtu.be/prt0-NTHQXk

Filming took place on the territory of the Scythian burial complex.
DEVIL - New album "To The Gallows" announced for April - Details and first song revealed

Norwegian Doom-Rockers DEVIL are back with their third full-length album!

"To The Gallows" will be released on April 21st 2017 via Soulseller Records on CD, limited LP (black and red vinyl versions) and digitally. The successor to 2013's "Gather The Sinners" was produced in cooperation with Stein Roger Sund at Black Dimension Studios. The cover art was created by Kim Holm.

A video clip featuring studio footage and the title track is available at this location: https://youtu.be/4NKOaTNEJ8c

The band comments: "Bands always say that their newest effort is their greatest. We say fuck that. This is a heavy rock album, and it's up to the listener to decide how good it is. We're darned proud of it, though, and think it sums up the first era of Devil pretty good, with maybe our most heavy metal parts so far, but still building around The Riff, the main ingredient in any heavy metal song writing. We like to think we've come a long way these years, and are happy to end our first trilogy with this album. We're more of a band than ever, and joint efforts have made further improvements to the band. We'd say this is an album still for fans of Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Witchfinder General, etc, but also touching into the 1981 NWOBHM quite a bit, especially on the title track."

1. To The Gallows
2. Trenches
3. Dead Body Arise
4. Regulators
5. Reaper’s Shadow
6. Peasants & Pitchforks
7. Jumping Off The Edge Of Time
8. David & Goliath
9. Cemetery Still

PATRIA - New song "Heartless" available

"Heartless", another new song of PATRIA's upcoming album, is available for streaming now exclusively at these locations:

Deaf Forever (GER), Friedhof Magazine (E), Kaaos (FIN) and Horns Up (F).

"Magna Adversia" will be released on 3rd March 2017 via Soulseller Records
VENENUM - New song premiere

German Death Metal band VENENUM strike with their debut full-length entitled "Trance of Death" - coming on 17th March 2017 via Sepulchral Voice Records. The album presents VENENUM on a new level of brutality and contains new & never before heard layers of darkness.

Germany's Deaf Forever Magazine premieres a new track, "Cold Threat", exclusively here: www.deaf-forever.de/songpremiere-venenum
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