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WINTERHORDE - New video available

Israeli extreme metalllers WINTERHORDE are releasing a brand new video for “Worms of Soul”, a track taken from their highly acclaimed album “Maestro”, which was released on May 20th this year by ViciSolum Productions.

The elegant and theatrical video was directed by the multi-talented Romanian artist Costin Chioreanu, who have previously worked with bands such as At the Gates, Carach Angren, Mayhem and many more.

Check out the video for “Worms of Soul” here: youtu.be/HXwZT9wD8CA
SACRED STEEL - New album announcement

German Heavy Metal veterans SACRED STEEL have announced the release of their new album “Heavy Metal Sacrifice” on October 14th, 2016 via Cruz Del Sur Music.

The album was recorded at Music Factory Studio Kempten (Germany) and produced by Sacred Steel and Christian Schmid.

With the release of “Heavy Metal Sacrifice”, the band celebrates its first 20 years, providing one of their most convincing albums ever. With highlights such as “Heavy Metal Sacrifice”, “Let There Be Steel” , “Hail The Godz Of War” and “Children Of The Sky”, SACRED STEEL set in motion a war-machine that will crush the enemies of true heavy metal!

Cover artwork and full tracklist will be announced soon!

The band has already announced a round of shows to accompany the release of the album. Confirmed dates are as follows:

15.10.2016 - Ludwigsburg (GER) - Scala / 20 years of Sacred Steel Festival & Record Releaseparty
21.10.2016 - Vienna (A) - Escape
22.10.2016 - Phantoms Of Pilsen - Pilsen (CZ)
12.11.2016 - Burn This Town Festival - Rome (IT) - Traffic Club
13.01.2017 - Hamburg (GER) - Bambi Galore

www.sacredsteel.eu / www.facebook.com/sacredsteelofficial
HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY - New lyric video available

Today, heavily trafficked web-portal NoCleanSinging.com premieres a new lyric video for Harakiri for the Sky's "Funeral Dreams." Check it out at this location!

The track hails from the band's highly anticipated third album, III: Trauma, set for international release on July 22nd via Art of Propaganda. Released in 2014 by Art of Propaganda, Harakiri for the Sky's Aokigahara reaped widespread critical acclaim for its startling synthesis of skyscraping post-rock textures and emotive black metal fury. Breathtaking and torturous in equal measures, the highwater mark that Aokigahara set has somehow been eclipsed by III: Trauma. Immediately, the album kicks off with an 11-minute epic titled "Calling the Rain," and indeed do Harakiri for the Sky summon forces both natural and supernatural. As the record winds through seven more equally scintillating epics, III: Trauma swells and swirls, crests and crushes, effortlessly dancing between genres with nary an ounce of self-consciousness. Not for nothing is the album titled Trauma: the emotional landscapes the band travail scrape both the direst depths and fleetingly blissful extremes of the human psyche.

1. Calling the Rain
2. Funeral Dreams
3. Thanatos
4. This Life as a Dagger
5. The Traces We Leave
6. Viaticum
7. Dry the River
8. Bury Me

COMET CONTROL - New song "Dig Out Your Head" premiered by the The Wall Street Journal

Toronto space rock band COMET CONTROL will release its stargazed sophomore album, Center Of The Maze on June 24 via Tee Pee Records. The band features vocalist / guitarist Chad Ross and guitarist Andrew Moszynski, each formerly of heavy psych champions QUEST FOR FIRE and garage rockers THE DEADLY SNAKES. In advance of the record's release, The Wall Street Journal premieres the new COMET CONTROL song, "Dig Out Your Head", calling it, "a gently propulsive tune with a soaring, psych-pop bounce". Rock "Dig Out Your Head" at this location!

“After years of living the night life, any reasonable person should clean up their act,” said Ross when asked to comment on "Dig Out Your Head". “I need to wake up early on a Sunday morning with a clear head, have a tea, put on a Del Shannon record, and walk the dog.”

Engineered by Josh Korody (Fucked Up, Moon King) at Candle Recording, and mastered by Carl Saff (Sweet Apple, Earthless), Center of the Maze is the follow-up to COMET CONTROL's 2014 self-titled debut, which was hailed as "psychedelia that surfs across the bluesy drone of The Black Angels and the melodic spaciousness of Swervedriver" by The A.V. Club. Ross and Moszynski are joined in COMET CONTROL by Nicole Howell (bass), Jay Anderson (drums) and Christopher Sandes (keys).

THE DEAD GOATS - Details for sophomore album and first new song revealed

The highly anticipated second full-length of Polish death metallers THE DEAD GOATS, entitled “All Of Them Witches”, will be released through Testimony Records on July 22nd, 2016.

Since their foundation in 2011, THE DEAD GOATS pay tribute to the legendary 90’s Stockholm sound and are preaching the Swedish way with ever-growing passion.

The title track is now available at this location: testimonyrecords.bandcamp.com/album/all-of-them-witches

Also premiered by Germany’s Deaf Forever Magazine: www.deaf-forever.de/doppelpremiere-demonbreed-the-dead-goats

CD pre-orders are possible here: testimonyrecords.bigcartel.com/product/pre-order-the-dead-goats-all-of-them-witches-cd

Beware the Witchcraft!

1. Coven
2. All Of Them Witches
3. Darkness And Decay
4. Broodmother
5. Conquering The Worm
6. The Curse Of Gallows Hill
7. Dwarves In My Coffin
8. Into The Fiery Grave
9. The Gloom That Came To Salem

DEMONBREED - Album details revealed - First song available

German Death-Metal-steamrollers DEMONBREED, who rose up from the ashes of renowned LAY DOWN ROTTEN, are ready to crush ears and bones with their debut full-length!

"Where Gods Come To Die" will be released on July 22nd, 2016 via Testimony Records.

Produced at the bands own Fat Knob Studios by guitarist Fernando and mixed and mastered by Dennis Israel (Clintwoks Mixing and Mastering), the album serves old school Death Metal at its very best. Be prepared for a full dose of brutal and crushing, yet melodic and catchy piledriver tunes!

Check out the track “Barren Wasteland” at this location: testimonyrecords.bandcamp.com/album/where-gods-come-to-die-2

Also premiered by Germany’s Deaf Forever Magazine: www.deaf-forever.de/doppelpremiere-demonbreed-the-dead-goats

CD pre-orders are possible here: testimonyrecords.bigcartel.com/product/pre-order-demonbreed-where-gods-come-to-die-cd

1. Where Gods Come To Die
2. Vultures In The Blood Red Sky
3. A Thousand Suns Will Rise
4. Summon The Undead
5. Revenge In The Afterlife
6. Empty Grave
7. Red Countess
8. Perish
9. Barren Wasteland
10. Folded Hands
11. Blood Colored (Edge Of Sanity - Cover)
12. Seed Of Ferocity

JOHANSSON & SPECKMANN - New album in September - First details revealed

True old school to the death!

The new and third full-length-album of the deadly mastermind-duo JOHANSSON & SPECKMANN has been baptized "Edge Of The Abyss" and will be released via Soulseller Records in September 2016. The cover artwork was created by Roberto Toderico.

MASTER’s Paul Speckmann comments: “Rogga and I are looking forward to sharing “Edge Of The Abyss” with the masses. You can be sure that this third installment of the Johansson-Speckmann series is by far the best in the series, so go out and buy this masterpiece, you won't be disappointed!”

His partner in crime, Rogga Johansson (PAGANIZER, RIBSPREADER, REVOLTING and others), adds: “For the third time me and Paul have decided to write some awesomely ugly and heavy Death Metal for you all. If you liked the previous albums you will love this one, as its more of just everything you have come to know as Johansson & Speckmann. This time we are not only backed up by monster drummer Brynjar Helgetun but have also a lead guitarist in Kjetil Lynghaug, who delivers some sick solo work.”

1. Perpetuate The Lie
2. You've Stepped On A Dime
3. Misanthropy
4. Turn It Around
5. The Last Witness Is Barely Alive
6. The One They All Despised
7. The Edge Of The Abyss
8. A Concept
9. Already In Disguise

ANCIENT - Deal with Soulseller Records - New album in September

Renowned extreme metal titans ANCIENT have announced signing with Soulseller Records for a worldwide contract! Their new full-length album "Back To The Land Of The Dead" will be released in mid September 2016 on CD, double LP and other interesting versions. More info will follow soon! Dave Ellefson's EMP Label Group will release the album in the USA/Canada.

The new ANCIENT line-up is featuring Zel (aka Aphazel) on vocals/guitars/keyboards, Dhilorz on guitars/bass and Nick Barker on drums. Just recently the band announced Ghiulz Borroni, esteemed shredder of extreme metal scene and lead guitarist of the legendary cult band BULLDOZER, to be the band's live session guitarist.

ANCIENT frontman Zel states: "We're very excited to finally be able to announce the release of the album "Back To The Land Of The Dead". We're as tired as everyone to wait, but this one will most definitely be worth it! Prepare for 66 minutes of chaos, sonic aggression and dark ancient atmospheres!"

1. Land of The Dead
2. Beyond The Blood Moon
3. The Sempiternal Haze
4. The Empyrean Sword
5. The Ancient Disarray
6. Occlude The Gates
The Excruciating Journey
7. Part I Defiance and rage
8. Part II The Prodigal Years
9. Part III The Awakening
10. Death Will Die
11. The Spiral
12. Petrified By Their End
Bonustrack :
13. 13 Candles (Bathory-Cover)

www.facebook.com/ancientband / www.ancientband.net
CASTLE - New video

Heavy doom riff monsters CASTLE have unleashed a new video at this location: youtu.be/1Rb18z8M0WM

"Hammer And The Cross" is taken from the upcoming album "Welcome To The Graveyard", to be released on July 15th, 2016 by Ván Records.

GRAVEYARD - Tourdates

Spanish deathers GRAVEYARD have announced the following tourdates. The band's new album entitled "…For Thine Is the Darkness" was released in April via War Anthem Records.

18.06.2016 – Sala Toman Music, Reus, SP (Inner Metal Fest)
11.08.2016 – Schlotheim, GER (Party.San Open Air)
14.08.2016 – Bei Ruth, Berlin, GER
16.08.2016 – Chemiefabrik, Dresden, GER
17.08.2016 – Black Label, Leipzig, GER
18.08.2016 – Dinkelsbühl, GER (Summer Breeze Festival)
10.09.2016 – Sala Boveda, Barcelona, SP
17.09.2016 – Sala Rock & Pop, Madrid, SP
23.09.2016 – Nave 1839, A Coruña, SP
24.09.2016 – Transylvania Pub, Vigo, SP

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