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AIRBAG - new album coming up

Airbag returns with a new album called ’The Greatest Show on Earth’, their third on Karisma Records. After the two highly acclaimed albums, ‘Identity’ (2009) and ‘All Rights Removed’ (2011), ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ is of course a much-anticipated album. Airbag are continuing their journey through atmospheric soundscapes and serious topics, creating cinematic pictures and bringing out emotions, pulling the listener into their world. They’re still giving us the Airbag sound, and this time the album is a bit rougher and with some heavier parts. ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ is a great step forward for Airbag, and ads new elements to the delightful Airbag universe.

Bjørn Riis (guitars), Asle Tostrup (vocals), Henrik Fossum (drums), Jørgen Grüner-Hagen (keyboards) and Anders Fossum Hovdan (bass), together with engineer and co-producer Vegard Sleipnes, have with ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ managed to raise the music of Airbag to the next level and even brought more characteristics to their sound. It has taken about 18 months to finish this record, but quality and musical craftsmanship are the essence in this production. Airbag is back and are absolutely a force to be reckoned with within the international music scene…

‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ is yet a modern masterpiece for fans of late Pink Floyd, Blackfield, Talk Talk, A-Ha, Porcupine Tree and Anathema.

Album teaser: www.youtube.com/watch?v=21aX1UuuZK0
SMOTHERED - Debut album "The Inevitable End"

Hailing from Sweden, SMOTHERED spews forth old school Death Metal blended with Thrash and Black Metal. It started back in early 2010 as a one man project but grew into a full band after great response from a few preview songs uploaded to Myspace. With lyrical themes spanning from the H.P Lovecraft Cthulhu mythos to serial killers and nuclear war, Smothered is ready to take over the world with their unique sound and killer riffs. Their debut album "The Inevitable End" will be released on December 6th 2013 through Soulseller Records; a preview trailer is available at this location: www.facebook.com/SmotheredSWE?v=app_178091127385. Catchy Death Metal without any bullshit!


1. The Ritual
2. Dead But Dreaming
3. Sovereign
4. Re-Animated
5. No One Left To Kill
6. The Crawling Chaos
7. Phlegethon
8. Madness Take Me
9. Green River Anthem
10. The Inevitable End
LYFTHRASYR - Song premiere from new album "The Engineered Flesh"

German postmodern black metal band LYFTHRASYR will release their new album "The Engineered Flesh" on November 29th 2013 via ALIVE Vertrieb. It contains 8 new explosive tracks of postmodern, electronically infiltrated Black Metal and is the first studio album with precision machine Nefastus (ex-Belphegor) on drums. The new song "Evolution" is available on youtube as Lyric Video: youtu.be/OX63kYiWrMQ

www.facebook.com/lyfthrasyr / www.lyfthrasyr.com

From the mortified gallows of Mjölby, Sweden, comes writhing its way and marking their return for (un)fresh material after a two-year absence are Swedish Death Metal fiends VANHELGD!

Relentless, uncompromising and with an obscure darkness vibe, VANHELGD came on to the scene with their debut full-length record "Cult Of Lazarus" but year 2011 saw the band unleash probably their strongest material to date with "Church Of Death". Forward to present time, VANHELGD strikes back with a vengeance in 2014; promising the upcoming record to be a DeathDoom supreme beast.

VANHELGD have recently completed writing and are scheduled to enter the studio in November 2013. The band recorded a short video clip of themselves rehearsing a new track off the new album, and can be seen at this location.

"VANHELGD are very pleased to sign a deal with Pulverised for our next, yet untitled, album. The journey continues along the eerie paths we explored on “Church Of Death” (NWN 2011) but the songs seem somewhat darker this time." states VANHELGD frontman / six-stringer Mattias Frisk. "The writing process has been much more focused to our rehearsals this time with everyone involved, trying to make the absolutely best out of every song and not letting anything pass unnoticed. A lot of ideas have been thrown away, leaving us with eight strong tracks drenched in death, destruction and pure malevolence. The recording will start in November 2013 and will be the first with our new bass player Jonas Albrektsson."

Pulverised Records label manager Roy Yeo also commented on the new signing: "We took notice on VANHELGD when they released "Church Of Death" and back then, there was already something about VANHELGD that we enjoyed. Perhaps it was a little of the sorrow vibe ala early At The Gates / Paradise Lost that was hidden beneath all that filthy Death Metal that was on "Church Of Death", so we immediately agreed on releasing their upcoming album when the band approached us. We believe that for a band such as VENHELGD, their material can only get stronger with each release and further solidify the signature sound that they already possessed."

Mattias Frisk - Vocals / Guitars
Jimmy Johansson - Vocals / Guitars
Jonas Albrektsson - Bass
Björn Andersson – Drums

THE GROTESQUERY: First infos on their upcoming 3rd album

The fantastic collaboration of US growl god Kam Lee and Swedish Death Metal maestro Rogga Johansson will lead into another awesome album. THE GROTESQUERY are right now working intensely on their third effort and the first infos should no longer be a secret.

Lyrical mastermind Kam Lee states:

“Well - I have only ideas at the moment. But from my side with the lyrics, it will be another storyline based on and going back to the first album…sort of a sequel to ‘Tales Of The Coffin Born’. I haven't 100% set on the title yet, but the working title as of now is ‘Bride Of The Coffin Born’ (although that may change). The story will pick up 50 years after the events of the first album and will take place in the 1970's. It will involve a series of events where girls from the University have gone missing and also the house of Ward has been re-built and transformed into a girls dormitory. We will see the return of Matthew Ward, and learn even more sinister secrets behind the curse of the Ward Family. And we´ll expose the cult of conspirators that have been part of the University and have been behind the events from the start. It will also be the final act in this story line, and most likely the final time I do a full concept album. It will end the “Trilogy of Terror” that started with the first album!”

And Rogga adds: “So far a handful of riffs have been done, and many more are in the stage of being written and recorded. The overall feeling this time is that THE GROTESQUERY is stepping back to the harder songs on the first album, more old MASSACRE meat on the guitar and less melody and epicness. Feels like this album will be heavier than both previous ones, heavier and uglier, just as Death Metal should be. It´ll be the perfect tapestry for Kam Lee´s classical growls to once again explode unto the scene.”

ONHEIL: Coverartwork + Tracklist unleashed

Dutch Blackened Metallers ONHEIL have released the cover and tracklist of their upcoming album, ‘Storm Is Coming’. It's the follow-up to their critically acclaimed album ‘Razor’ (2009). The album is currently being mixed and mastered by Bart Hennephof (TEXTURES) and Yuma van Eekelen (Ex-PESTILENCE) at the Final Focus Studios. The release is set for early 2014 by German Metal specialist Cyclone Empire.

Singer/Guitarist Amok comments: "Like most bands, we always want to make our new album the best one. But as the reception of our previous album ‘Razor’ was amazing, that was one fuckin' tough job to do! We took the sound of ‘Razor’ as the blueprint and then injected it with even more power and dynamics! You will hear that in our riffs and drumming! Besides that we gave a bit more room for classic Heavy and Thrash metal influences and with that created more contrast with our blasting Black and Death Metal. That resulted in an unique blend that is the ONHEIL sound. We needed some time to do it, but we believe we succeeded in making a great follow-up album! Let's hope the Metal world agrees! Storm Is Coming!"

1. Embrace The Chaos
2. Kill Tomorrow
3. Self-Destruction Mode
4. The Omega Legions
5. Storm Is Coming
6. The End Of Everything
7. Wings Of Death
8. Dronkenschap In Duisternis II
9. Nature's Wrath
10. Streams Of Silence

Website / Facebook
BLACKSHORE - New song availavle for streaming

"Dystopian Demon Dynamite" is the first preview of BlackShore’s new album "Terror", which is coming on 15th november via Black Skull Records. Guestvocals on that track are done by Max Marquardt (ex-Helfahrt). "Terror" consists of 11 tracks of filthy Black Metal with a huge Thrash impact. It’s the third album of the north-german black metal devision.

Cyclone Empire - New Signing: DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN

Hailing from Scandinavia (Dave from Denmark, Rogga and Dennis from Sweden) DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN are the new baby of legendary vocalist Dave Ingram, well known to every Death Metal maniac for his vocal duties with BOLT THROWER and of corpse BENEDICTION! We are very happy to welcome his new brainchild as a part of our little CYCLONE EMPIRE family! Mixing Punk, Grind, Crust and of corpse Death Metal every underground freak should be prepared for a real killer of an album, when the selftitled debut sees the light of day on the 22nd of November 2013.

Statement by David Ingram:

"I'm real proud to be working with Rogga Johansson and Dennis Blomberg in DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN, and for us to be a part of the Cyclone Empire family. It was a great surprise that the label signed us without even hearing a single note of music. This shows confidence in all our abilities as musicians and this is more than true, as the world will hear once the album has been released. If I say so myself, it kicks serious ass. DATDM are based in Scandinavia - myself in Denmark and the rest of the guys in Sweden - so meeting to rehearse for future touring is definitely viable and is something we have talked about with great anticipation. We're extremely confident in the album so we know we'll be getting DATDM out on the road in the future.”

Here´s the songtitles of “Down Among The Dead Men”:

Down Among The Dead Men
The Doomsday Manuscript
Adolescence Of Time
Bones Of Contention
Dead Man’s Switch
The Stones Lament
A Handful Of Dust
Dead Men Diaries
As Leeches Gorge
Draconian Rage
Venus Mantrap
Infernal Nexus
The Epoch

www.darksentinel.dk/DATDM.html / www.facebook.com/DownAmongTheDeadMen
MYGRAIN - New videoclip

Check out the first video 'Dreamscape' from the forthcoming 4th album "Planetary Breathing", out on Spinefarm on September 27th 2013: youtu.be/dJnLhDWiB9Y
ATLANTEAN KODEX veröffentlichen Video

"Sol Invictus" lautet der Titel einer epischen Hymne des kommenden Albums von ATLANTEAN KODEX, "The White Goddess", welches am 4. Oktober 2013(CD: Cruz Del Sur Records, Vinyl: Van Records) veröffentlicht wird.


Bandkopf Manuel Trummer kommentiert den Clip folgend: "'Sol Invictus' takes you on a trip through the dark underbelly of European folklore. Embark on a journey to a realm of fertility cults, fire-worship and corn-demons, older than Bethlehem and Babylon, older than dreaming Sumer and mankind itself. And don't forget to grab a beer, turn the volume to 11 and bang your head like a man possessed."
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