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BALMOG - Deal with War Anthem Records - New Album ‘Vacuum’

War Anthem Records is proud to announce the signing of the Spanish Black Metal entity called BALMOG!

The band’s new and third full-length, entitled "Vacuum", will be released on 16th March 2018 via their new label home on CD. A vinyl version is announced through Black Seed Productions.

With “Vacuum”, BALMOG go a step further in terms of obscurity and composition, digging into the obscure labyrinthine essence of their debut “Testimony of the Abominable” and taking the violence and rawness integrity of their second album “Svmma Fide”. The album was recorded at Moontower Studios by Javi Félez and mastered at Necromorbus Studio, Sweden.

The track “Hodegetria” is streaming now at this location: https://soundcloud.com/war-anthem-records/balmog-hodegetria-new-track

1. Qui immolatus iam non moritur...
2. Eating the descendant
3. Hodegetria
4. Vigil of the blinds
5. Inde Deus Abest
6. Come to the Pulpit
7. Gignesthai
8. ...sed semper vivit occisus

https://www.facebook.com/Balmog-365630056846060 / http://www.war-anthem.de / https://www.cudgel.de
CRUCIFYRE – New album ‘Post Vulcanic Black’ in February – Details and lyric video revealed

Swedish Heavy-Thrashers CRUCIFYRE have announced their third full-length: “Post Vulcanic Black”! The album will be released on 9th February 2018 via Pulverised Records.

Armed with a revamped line-up, “Post Vulcanic Black” still retains a lethal dose of catchy Blackened Thrash and offers a grandiose slab of raw intense riffs - musically their best effort to date!

A lyric video for the title track, done by Romanian illustrator Costin Chioreanu (Grave, At The Gates, Grave Miasma), is available at this location: https://youtu.be/yivGCnEyYZ8

The cover for “Post Vulcanic Black” was designed by Thrashing Rage, with additional Serpentagram artwork by Obssessed By Cruelty.

1. Post Vulcanic Black
2. Thrashing With Violence
3. Mother Superior's Eyes
4. War Chylde
5. Hyper Moralist (Deemed Antichrist)
5. 200 Divisions
6. Död Människa?
7. Murder And Sex And Self-Destruction
8. Copenhagen In The Seventies
9. Serpentagram

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Crucifyre/164973910205853 / https://www.pulverised.net
OBSCURITY - New Video "Endzeit"

OBSCURITY have published a video for the track "Endzeit", taken from their album "Streitmacht".


The band's 8th full-length of this German horde was released in July 2017 via Trollzorn.

www.facebook.com/obscuritybergischland / www.trollzorn.de
DEATHCULT - "Climax Of The Unclean" - New track premiere

Norwegian Black Metallers DEATHCULT have premiered a second song from their upcoming new album "Cult of the Goat" - out on December 15th via Soulseller Records on deluxe vinyl and digipack CD.

Listen to "Climax Of The Unclean" exclusively at these locations:

USA/UK: http://www.invisibleoranges.com/deathcult-redeem-the-goat-on-climax-of-the-unclean
France: http://www.hornsup.fr/a-20166/news/exclu-hu-deathcult-devoile-climax-of-the-unclean
Spain: http://www.friedhof-magazine.com/noticias/deathcult-estrenamos-en-exclusiva-su-nueva-cancion-climax-unclean
Germany: https://www.deaf-forever.de/songpremiere-deathcult
Denmark: http://powerofmetal.dk/exclusive/exclusive-track-stream-climax-of-the-unclean-of-the-forthcoming-deathcult-album-via-the-power-of-metal-dk
Poland: http://kvlt.pl/newsy/premiera-utworu-zespolu-deathcult

IN VAIN – New lyric video available

IN VAIN, Norwegian pioneers of progressive extreme metal, are pleased to release an animated lyric video for “Seekers of the Truth”, the first single of their upcoming album “Currents” to be released on 26th January 2018 via Indie Recordings.

Watch and listen “Seekers of the Truth” here: https://youtu.be/7IDtBJpdt9Y

Johnar Håland comments: “On ‘Currents’ you will find a variety of epic, long and complex songs, and on the other side of the spectrum; short, catchy and more immediate tracks. ‘Seekers of the Truth’ falls in the latter category. Costin did a great job of visualizing the lyrical content and we are very pleased with his creative work”.

The video was done by IN VAIN’s cover designer, Costin Chioreanu, who provides his thoughts on the creative process behind the video: “Seekers of the Truth is by far not a random lyric video. Pushed by the message of the song, I wanted to add a new dimension to the whole presentation, which can be discovered in the message of the illustrations. For me, the lyrics of this song are talking about one of the vital issues of nowadays society, an issue which is felt just by a very few. Those are the seekers, who are still living out there, among this terrifying crowd of people who switched their reality with a common illusion, agreed and imposed by the system. So, with all these dramatic moments I tried to catch in my illustrations for this video, I hope I could make the message of the band more powerful, and I hope it will be reached by those who need it to go on."

Stream/download "Seekers of the Truth": https://believemusic.lnk.to/TheSeekersOfTheTruth

"Currents" will be released in two editions. The special edition will feature 2 bonustracks and an extended packaging. Pre-order and details here: http://goo.gl/yCLwzz

https://www.facebook.com/InVainOfficial / http://www.invain.org / https://www.facebook.com/indierecordings
CRYPTS OF DESPAIR – Full album stream

Lithuanian Death Metallers CRYPTS OF DESPAIR proudly present a full stream of their debut album "The Stench Of The Earth" in cooperation with Decibel Magazine.


"The Stench Of The Earth" is out on 24th November 2017 via Testimony Records on CD and LP (limited to 300 copies).

Originally founded in 2009, CRYPTS OF DESPAIR was fully revived in 2016 and evolved into a heavier and darker sound reinforced by an unusual approach of using two fully fledged vocalists with lyrical themes that include disgust and hatred towards humanity, death worship and the occult.

1. The Stench Of The Earth
2. Path To Vengeance
3. Pits Of Endless Torment
4. 77
5. Fleshless Eternity
6. Enslaved In Blasphemy
7. Possessed By Astral Parasites
8. Ravage The Earth
9. Monuments Of Fear
10. Dead Light

https://www.facebook.com/cryptsofdespair / https://www.facebook.com/testimonyrecords / http://testimonyrecords.bigcartel.com
EVIL WARRIORS - ‘Fall From Reality’ Album Details - First Song Available

War Anthem Records proudly presents the new album of German Black Metallers EVIL WARRIORS!

The band’s second full-length "Fall From Reality", mixed and mastered by Patrick W. Engel at Temple Of Disharmony, will be released via their new label home on 19th January 2018 in CD and LP formats. A tape edition will follow later next year through Into Endless Chaos Records.

EVIL WARRIORS, featuring members of Antlers, I I and Bloody Vengeance, is the oldest still raging entity in the undying circle of Into Endless Chaos from Leipzig. Aggressive, harsh and bloody - enchanting, profound and possessed are just a few words to describe their kind of haunting Black Metal.

A first song entitled "Reincarnation" is streaming at this location: https://soundcloud.com/war-anthem-records/evil-warriors-reincarnation-track-2018


1. Fall From Reality
2. Excess
3. Pillow Of Cold Water
4. Reincarnation
5. Idleness and Doom
6. Mania and Passion
7. Worthless Wretch
8. All The Stars

https://www.facebook.com/Evil.Warriors.Excess / http://www.war-anthem.de
HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY - New album "Arson" announcement - New song available

"Arson", the new and fourth album of HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY, will be released on 16th February 2018 via AOP Records.

A first song entitled "Tomb Omnia" is streaming now at this location: https://youtu.be/_4V5Yb3oARw

Mainman M.S. comments: "With 'Arson' we wrote our most honest and personal album to date. Eventhough its structure may seem unorthodox to some, it works as a whole and reflects our development and current situation in the way we wanted to express ourselves."

Founded in 2011 in Vienna, Austria, the aim of HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY has always been to create a unique mixture of melancholy and aggression, madness and meaning, and wrapped in alternately manic/mellow songs that bridged black metal and atmospheric post-rock.

1. Fire, walk with me
2. The graves we've dug
3. You are the scars
4. Heroin Waltz
5. Tomb Omnia
6. Stillborn
7. Voidgazer
8. Manifesto

www.facebook.com/HarakiriForTheSky / www.aoprecords.de
OLD MOTHER HELL - Debut album to be released on vinyl and digital platforms via Cruz Del Sur Music

Cruz Del Sur Music will release the self-titled debut album from German metallers OLD MOTHER HELL on digital and vinyl platforms in early 2018.

OLD MOTHER HELL was formed in 2015 from the ashes of another local thrash act, HATCHERY, by guitarist/vocalist Bernd Wener, bassist Ronald Senft and drummer Ruben André. Their self-funded debut album was recorded in May 2017 in Rama Studio Mannheim by Jens Siefert, who mixed and produced the LP under the band’s watchful eye. The result is a striking balance between mountainous epic metal and a straightforward attack, with doom influences present, even as the band is playing pure, take-no-prisoners metal.

“Old Mother Hell” - Tracklist:
Another War
Narcotic Overthrow
Howling Wolves
Kneel to No God
Old Mother Hell

https://www.facebook.com/oldmotherhell / www.cruzdelsurmusic.com
DEATHCULT (NOR) - New song available

Norwegian Black Metallers DEATHCULT, consisting of Skagg (Gaahlskag, ex-Gorgoroth), Hoest (Taake) and Thurzur (Gaahlskagg, ex-Taake), have unleashed a song from their upcoming new album.

Check out "Ascension Rite" at this location: https://deathcultnor.bandcamp.com/album/cult-of-the-goat

"Cult Of The Goat", the band's second full-length, will be released on 15th December 2017 via Soulseller Records and was recorded at renowned Grieghallen Studios and engineered by Eirik “Pytten” Hundvin.

Pre-order information: http://www.soulsellerrecords.com/deathcult-nor-sign-with-soulseller

1. Climax Of The Unclean
2. Bloodstained Ritual
3. Ascension Rite
4. Man Versus Beast
5. The Oath
6. Devilgoat
7. Laudate Hircum

www.facebook.com/Deathcult-1871964126457651 / www.soulsellerrecords.com
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