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New Horizon


It has been two and a half years since the Sanctuary record label released KICK’s second album, ‘Sweet lick of fire’ and more than two years since the band asked to be set free of the Sanctuary recording contract. KICK are more settled now that the Sanctuary chapter is well behind them and the main objective was “ to start to enjoy writing and recording songs again” - and they did!

In December of 2002, KICK secured the Magnum of the UK and took to the road to promote the ‘Sweet lick of fire’ album, without the support of a record company. Indeed, they drove themselves to the gigs and back home after every show – now that’s the mark of a true rock ‘n’ roll band!

The third album was well underway in the studio by then, and it was a good well-earned break for the guys, to be up on stage in some the UK’s most prestigious rock venues, including the 3000 plus capacity at the London Astoria. The new album was finished by April of 2003 and then the task of finding a new record label was undertaken.

‘New Horizon’ is a mixture of balls to the wall, air-thumping rockers that have been knocked into shape with a modern hammer, and carefully crafted, contemporary melodic rock classics! There is also a limited bonus CD which includes three previously unreleased acoustic tracks recorded for radio sessions, and the video of ‘Blue’ from their first album, ‘Consider this…’.

In January of 2003, KICK released a 4-track EP, ‘Paralysed,’ which included the high-octane, ‘Electric Storm’ from the new album too. It was critically acclaimed in the press and at www.melodicrock.com, where it scored 93%, beating the score for Thunder’s EP! Many of those that heard the EP were greatly pleased with the “taster for things to come” and so, here they stand, about to release a killer album, ‘New Horizon’ on March 8th 2004.

Bass player, Mikey Jones wrote all eleven of the songs for ‘New Horizon’, which once again provides the platform for vocalist, Nick Workman to shine. Nick’s enormous range and versatility hasn’t ever been in question since their first outing with ‘Consider this…’ back in 1999, and he continues to attract the attention of reviewers and the record-buying public alike!

KICK’s second album, ‘Sweet lick of fire’ took the band down a darker, more seductive route, which appealed to an even wider rock audience. It married moodier songs, such as ‘Kaleidoscopic Eyes’, with more overtly commercial tracks like ‘Painless’ and ‘Where I belong’. KICK’s diverse approach to song-writing is a key feature in their success to date.

KICK’s inimitable brand of Chris Jones’ guitar-driven rock is borne of a passion and commitment to melodic hard rock, and so their new allegiance with UK based Majestic Rock Records should reap its rewards in the near future. So, if you want songs with unforgettable riffs, powerful vocals, a natural energy and tasteful guitar playing, then ‘New Horizon’ was written for YOU!

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