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Where Gods Come To Die


Testimony Records
Distribution: Soulfood


In January 2015 DEMONBREED rose up from the ashes of renowned German deathers Lay Down Rotten, who split up after 16 years. Shouter Jost Kleinert and drummer Timo Claas fraternized with the original line-up members of former Lay Down Rotten, Daniel Jakobi and Johannes Pitz, to rough up the Death Metal Underground. Fernando Thielmann, who is performing with Daniel Jakobi in Milking the Goatmachine as well, completes the band. After releasing a successful demo ("A Thousand Suns Will Rise") and a limited 7-Inch-vinyl-split (“Rupture The Coven" - with their new label colleagues The Dead Goats), it is now time for the debut full-length entitled "Where Gods Come To Die". Produced at the bands own Fat Knob Studios by Fernando and mixed and mastered by Dennis Israel (Clintwoks Mixing and Mastering), the album serves old school Death Metal at its very best. Be prepared for a full dose of brutal and crushing, yet melodic and catchy piledriver tunes in the vein of Bloodbath, Entombed, Grave, Bolt Thrower, Edge Of Sanity (who also get a special tribute here) and the likes! The years of experience can be noticed without doubt - the songs are composed with an undeniable enthusiasm and a lot of know-how. DEMONBREED presents Death Metal with serious power, lifeblood, skills and gently as a bulldozer!!


1. Where Gods Come To Die
2. Vultures In The Blood Red Sky
3. A Thousand Suns Will Rise
4. Summon The Undead
5. Revenge In The Afterlife
6. Empty Grave
7. Red Countess
8. Perish
9. Barren Wasteland
10. Folded Hands
11. Blood Colored (Edge Of Sanity - Cover)
12. Seed Of Ferocity


Jost Kleinert - Vokills
Daniel Jakobi - Guitars/Backing Vocals
Fernando Thielmann - Guitars/Backing Vocals
Johannes Pitz - Bass
Timo Claas - Drums

the hard side of life
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