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Blood Beneath The Crypts


High Roller Records
Distribution: Soulfood


Austria-based thrash metal hopefuls DEATHSTORM have been added to the High Roller roster and are now unleashing their second full-length album “Blood Beneath the Crypts”. The Styrian crew formed in 2007, first starting out as “Damage” before changing their name to DEATHSTORM in 2010. From the very beginning Damage/Deathstorm have been celebrated as a true kult band that manages to keep the balance between continuously building up a fanbase and staying true to the underground.

Reviewers far and wide haven been very pleased with DEATHSTORM’s true-to-the-bone mid 80's old school attitude & music and for sure this can be said about “Blood Beneath the Crypts”, too. It's another offering of uncompromising Old School Thrash in the veins of the legendary Kreator and other Teutonic Thrash heroes, brimming with “a shitload of hellraising and mind-bending guitar leads from beyond”, to quote band spokesman Mac (voc/bass).

“Blood Beneath The Crypts” was recorded in December 2015 in the Graz-based “SiSi Top Studios” and mixed in Magnus “Devo” Andersson's Endarker Studio.

The cover artwork was done by Linda Nygren, a Swedish artist working under the nom de guerre “Henbane Art & Illusions”, who already contributed cover artworks for the previous DEATHSTORM records as well as for other renowned bands such as The Wounded Kings.
And who is this music for? Mac knows best: “People who are into honest and trend-free music definitely should give it a listen and people who are into chaos and mayhem definitely should come to see our live shows!” Chaos and Mayhem – what more can you ask for?


1. Deathblow
2. Splendid Mutilation
3. Murder Of A...
4. Immortalized Sinner
5. I Conquer
6. Enter The Void
7. Verdunkeln
8. I Saw The Devil


Mac - Bass/Vocals
Mani - Drums
Ferl - Lead Guitar
Steindl - Rythm Guitar

the hard side of life
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