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…For Thine Is the Darkness


War Anthem Records / Soulfood


Be forewarned, dark shadows are circling around this grim chapel – the Spanish death metal veterans of GRAVEYARD have unearthed their latest sepulture "…For Thine Is the Darkness".

Following the release of their monumental second full-length album, The Sea Grave, in 2013, GRAVEYARD continued recording material and released several split releases with Entrails, Nominon and Crucifyre. With an evolved sound that resulted from these sessions, GRAVEYARD then refocused their attention on the writing, rehearsing, and recording of new original material, which has now culminated in their third full-length offering, …For Thine is the Darkness, an album which confirms that the best musical product results from patient and diligent attention to detail. As with their prior releases, the 17 tracks on …For Thine is the Darkness are relentless, scorching examples of metal fire and blood influenced not singularly from one, but instead from several sub-categories of death/doom and even heavy metal.


1. Almulk Biallawn Al'Asfar
2. With Fear and Thirst >>> Soundcloud
3. Threshold I
4. Mine is the Shining Light
5. Threshold II
6. The Mighty Colums of Irem
7. Threshold III
8. Hidden Amidst the Stars
9. Threshold IV
10. To Earth and Death
11. Threshold V
12. Defy & Conquer >>> Soundcloud
13. Threshold VI
14. The Womb of the Desert
15. Threshold VII
16. Son of the Aeon / Sun of the Daemon
17. Alqabr Al'Abdi

the hard side of life
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