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Casus Luciferi

Band: Abruptum
Title: Casus Luciferi
Format: CD, LP & Pic LP
Release Date: April 19th
Catalogue no CD: Blood 014
Catalogue no LP: BLOODLP 014
Catalogue no PLP: BLOODPLP 014


1. Casus Luciferi
2. In Ictu Oculi
3. Ex Inferno Inferiori
4. Gehennae Perpetuae Cruciatus


Abruptum, the band that is famous for not playing music in the common sense. Abruptum is the audial essence of your worst nightmare and have caused people to start cutting in their bodies after listening. Listening to them can be described as lying in bed with 43 degrees fever while having someone slashing your wrists. Either you know what Abruptum is all about or you stay as far away from it as you can.