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The Condemnation
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Soulseller Records


Dutch thrashers DISQUIET return with their second full-length!

DISQUIET, re-established in Utrecht in 2008, are offering next-level and diverse thrash/death metal with a modern and melodic approach. Their debut album “Scars Of Undying Grief” (2012) was already highly praised by the medias (e.g. "Thrash tip of the month" - Metal Hammer) and even paved the way for a show at Wacken Open Air and international gigs in Luxembourg, Belgium, Suriname and Germany where they shared the stage with bands like Arch Enemy or Annihilator.


1. Ascending
2. The Condemnation
3. Fist of Persistence
4. Born to Dissent
5. The Great Divide
6. Haul Down the Tree of Life
7. Las’Pasi
8. From Essence Deprived
9. IDK
10. Bred to Fail


Sean Maia - Vocals
Arthur Stam - Drums
Fabian Verweij - Guitar
Menno Ruijzendaal - Guitar
Frank van Boven - Bass