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Omega Void Tribunal
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War Anthem Records / Soulfood


"Omega Void Tribunal" is the 8th full-length assault by German Death Metal veterans PURGATORY. Yet again, PURGATORY are fathoming their extremes while still following their path of pure Death fucking Metal. The sinister result ranges from total blasting chaos and nihility to majestic morbid hymns. Patrick W. Engel (templeofdisharmony.com) as a true companion of the band was again accountable for production, mix and mastering. This will be your doom!


1. Devouring The Giant
2. Prophet of Demonic Wrath
3. Chaos Death Perdition
4. Nemesis Enigma
5. Codex Anti
6. The Curse of Samhain - Part II
7. Via Dolorosa
8. The Archaic Evil


René Kögel - guitars/vocals
Lutz Götzold - drums
Dreier - vocals
Peter Wehner - bass


Live...perversion Demo, 1993
Psychopathia Sexualis EP, 1994
Sadistic Spell EP, 1995
Damage Done By Worms CD 1996
Purgatory / Seirim Split, 1997
Bestial CD 1997
Blessed With Flames Of Hate CD 2000
Hell Bastards Split LP w. Polymorph 2003
Luciferianism CD 2004
Cultus Luciferi - The Splendour of Chaos CD 2008
Necromantaeon CD 2011
Deathkvult – Grand Ancient Arts CD 2013
Omega Void Tribunal CD 2016