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Twilight In The Crystal Cabinet
My Brother The Wind


Record Heaven / Transubstans Records / Indigo


In a world where most things are overthought and music has become more and more technical, Transubstans Records is proud to present a truly spontaneous, organic record: My Brother The Wind’s ”Twilight in the Crystal Cabinet”, a completely unrehearsed album recorded in 2 hours on a vintage Ampex 16 track 2" tape machine at Drop Out in Åmål, Sweden in May 2009, and mixed within 2 hours the very next day. The band consists of Nicklas Barker (Anekdoten) on guitar, Mathias Danielsson (Makajodama, and formerly of Gösta Berlings Saga) also on guitar, Ronny Eriksson (Magnolia) on bass and Tomas Eriksson on drums.


01. Karma Grinder
02. Electric Universe
03. Twilight In The Crystal Cabinet
04. Precious Sanity
05. Mournful Howl of Dawn
06. Death & Beyond