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Listenable Records / Soulfood
April 2009


Ladies and gentlemen, the scene is changing, more and more we see the results of bands repeating themselves, bands trying to be more extreme, brutal or technical than anyone else, but mainly losing focus on writing good songs. Everything is blending into a seemless mess of generic and bland material. it is in this age that revolution and fresh ideas are what we need most and HACRIDE knows exactly how to bring it.

With an already formidable foundation based on two extraordinary fullength records that already explored the boundaries of extreme music, the band's highly anticipated third fullength ”Lazarus” will demonstrate the monstrous potential once and for all. Mixing up the ferocity and inventivity of bands like Meshuggah, Neurosis and Gojira to a sound of their own, “Lazarus” proves that HACRIDE evolved and is ready to take on the world.

Backed up with a killer powerhouse production done by the band themselves and their engineer (studio and live), demonstrating a huge and real sounding record: no edits, no beat detectiving, no sound replacing, this is a real band playing real music. Now let your ears be the real judge of what HACRIDE has to offer to the current and future scene and drift away in the soundscapes ”Lazarus“ will entwine you with!!!


1. To Walk among them
2. Act of God
3. Lazarus
4. Phenomenon
5. A World of Lies
6. Awakening
7. My Enemy


“Cyanide Echoes” (2002, Demo-CD)
“Deviant Current Signal” CD (2005, Listenable Records)
“Amoeba” CD (2007, Listenable Records)
"Lazarus" CD (2009, Listenable Records )

the hard side of life
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