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Twilight Ophera

Decade ago in the year 1996, born of brimstone womb, Twilight Ophera saw the first glimpse of dawnlight. In spring 1997 they released their first promotional piece of paradox craft which secured them deal with the Cacophonous Records. The covenant was respected with the release of "Shadows Embrace the Dark", debut cut in innocent flesh of the world. With this album they seized the place in forefront of new raising tide of Dark Metal.

The fall through sulphur spiral continued with the second sin, "Midnight Horror", committed in the year of the prophet, 1999. What followed was the age of struggle, as old members were lost and the bands record label had their own share of problems, finally deciding to drop all their artists leaving Twilight Ophera free to search for new record contract. Having lost their drummer, Timo Kollin, in shrouded circumstances, the band faced another blow after blow as both bass player Jani and the singer Sauli Karkkunen (RIP) decided to depart for other sinuous paths in life’s cursed masquerade.

In 2001 new blood was recruited as Mikko Häkkinen joined the faltering ranks of Twilight Ophera as a lead singer. The new black pyre was ignited into cold hearts, promo material was
recorded, and the new deal signed with Low Frequency Records for two liturgies of damnation. It was the “The End of Halcyon Age” as their third album declared, conceived in tarnation flames of summer 2003 with the help of two new cultists, drummer Janne Ojala and bass player Jussi Heikkinen. One era passed as the founding member Mikko Kaipainen departed the crusade in the fall of 2005.

This year humanity shall fall into lowest depths as Twilight Ophera has joined forces with the Order of the Sanguine Diadem to create the threnody of man, “Descension”. The fourth madness shall be released worldwide under the banner of Low Frequency Records, featuring 10 twisted sermons like never been heard conquering the senses of mortal men.

2.Hollow movements of flesh
3.Suicide harlequin
4.Mirage of moira
5.Born of Brimstone womb
6.Silphur spiral
7.Sanguine diadem
8.Wraith reveries
10.Silhouettes of paradox craft

Shadows Embrace The Dark (Cacophonous Records UK 1997)
Midnight Horror (Cacophonous Records UK 1998)
The End of Halcyon Age (Low Frequency Records 2004 )
TWILIGHT OPHERA and The Order of the Sanguine Diadem presents "Descension" ( Low Frequency Records 2006)

Toni Näykki (Soulgrind, Grude`s claw, etc.)
Mikko Häkkinen (Thyestean Feast)
Timo Puranen
Aleksi Ahokas (Rapture, Fragile Hollow, Rainpaint)
Janne Ojala (Gloomy Grim, Silentium, Evilion)
Micko Hell (Denigrate, etc.)
H.J. VIlberg (Diablerie, Rapture, etc.)
Karri Tacere (Tacere)

the hard side of life
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