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This City Speaks In Tongues
She Said Destroy


Tabu Recordings / Soulfood
27.02.2009 (GER)



SHE SAID DESTROY. Song titles like Tea and toast at the very end of time, a pink album cover, lofty ambitions, ideas pulling in all directions at the same time and offensive breaches on every unwritten rule in the metal world. What the hell are they up to?

SHE SAID DESTROY know very well what they are up to. No matter how many unexpected turns this band takes, they always seem to be part of a plan. A plot that has been a long time in the making. A plot that will lead them in some direction, unbeknownst to us. A red thread. Or, if you will, a pink thread. SHE SAID DESTROY will most likely end up crashing and burning somewhere down the line, a social and conceptual disaster. But until then it is best to hang on and follow the thread. Because SHE SAID DESTROY are about to enter a sonic landscape that has legend written all over it.

SHE SAID DESTROY made their mark at the first Hove Festival in 2007 alongside HATEBREED and NEUROSIS, and the coming follow-up to their debut album Time Like Vines (Candlelight 2006) is bubbling over with obscure references, technical intricacies and rich textures. This City Speaks in Tongues is a homage to urban darkness, to the black, throbbing heart that lies buried in any city.

Aggressive, energetic, precise and without compromise.


1. This City Speaks In Tongues
2. We Will Never Learn
3. An Age Of Leeches
4. Tea And Toast At The Very End Of Time
5. No Zen
6. I Love This Place
7. Consider This A Warning
8. Servitude

the hard side of life
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