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Take two parts black metal, a dose of late-eighties thrash metal, the spirit of Coltrane-inspired free jazz, a dash of pop sensibility, a hint of twentieth century classical music and some hallucinogenics – that's Sigh, an extraordinary band hell-bent on introducing the world to their bizarre brand of extreme music.

The years have seen Sigh morph into a psychedelic, avant-garde metal band intent on smoking all pre-conceived notions of the black metal genre. Their drug-infested, schizophrenic sounds have inspired rave reviews from some of metal's most respected voices: Terrorizer characterizes Sigh as a “f*cked up, crazier-than-a-sh*thouse-rat Japanese Metal Assault”, while Kerrang! describes their music as “utterly insane, yet also uniquely compelling”.

This album definitely has the good old heavy metal vibe from the 80s along with various musical influences from classical music, jazz, to sonic weapon experimentation!

the hard side of life
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