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Seven Witches

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Release: 28.11.2005
Regain Records /Soulfood


Guitarist Jack Frost started Seven Witches in 1999.Though the band has seen its share of lineup changes, with the release of their sixth studio CD "Amped" the definitive lineup and consequent sound of 7W has at long last been achieved. Jack, along with existing drummer Jeff Curenton, culled the vocal talents of Alan Tecchio and the bass mastery of Kevin Bolembach (who played together in the band Non Fiction from 1990-1994) to round out the Amped lineup. Amped contains nine songs of heartfelt metal.

With lyric topics ranging from the theory that the West Nile virus is actually a terrorist-designed disease to the song Fame Gets You Off that lambasts the legal circus of American trials involving famous people, there is plenty for the listener to dig into idea-wise. Riff-wise Jack is at the top of his game. From fast, brutal chops to slower, wall-of-sound-like pummelings, this is metal at its finest. In the style of classic metal bands, 7W have crafted a CD that takes the listener on a heavy musical journey that even includes a power ballad called BE. The band is ready to take the world by storm and already have some dates in the U.S. and Canada with the band Kamelot.


1. West Nile
2. Sunnydale High
3. Dishonor Killings
4. GP Fix
5. BE
6. Fame Gets You Off
7. Flesh For Fantasy
8. Red
9. Widows And Orphans


Jack Frost-Guitars
Kevin Bolembach-Bass
Jeff Curenton-Drums
Alan Tecchio-Vocals

the hard side of life
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