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Non Human Level


DARKANE guitarist Christofer Malmström has always had a lot of urges to express his love for music in general, but metal in particular. When DARKANE had released their debut album in 1999 Christofer had a lot of ideas that maybe didn´t fit into the band style but still was too good to just throw away. The thougths of doing a solo project with music and lyrics exclusively by the guitar player slowly formed in his head, so after putting together a few songs and gathering Meshuggah bass player Gustaf Hielm Christofer named the project NON HUMAN LEVEL a song by his previous band Agretator.

It would take another three albums before Christofer continued to work on NHL, now backed up with DevinTownsend Band drummer Ryan Van Poederooyen on drums and fellow Darkane drummer Peter Wildoer on vocals. The self titled album was recorded and produced by Malmström and mixed by Wildoer at Not Quite Studios in Helsingborg, Sweden. NON HUMAN LEVEL also features a guest solo appearance by demon keyboard player Lale Larson.

NON HUMAN LEVEL plays melodic death/thrash metal with influences from the Tampa rooted death metal mixed with the scandinavian style and with more instrumental parts and guitar solos. It also features some surprising elements like a live church organ piece, a re-arranged traditional swedish folk song turned into metal, and some acoustic guitar parts. Still the key word is "intensity"! If you like your metal melodic, fast, intense, brutal yet still played by very skillful musicians, then this is the one for you!

the hard side of life
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