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Gospels For The Sick


On a warm spring evening in 2002, a meeting took place in Norway. A group of people convened to discuss the possibility of making an album that would impact the music scene. One rehearsal took place later that same year and ideas and plans were thrown back and forth. However, due to prior commitments and time conflicts, the line up was forced to change. But the core of the group maintained the idea and finally, in the fall 2004, the decision was made to make it happen. SCUM was spawned!

SCUM is a unique project in many aspects; first and foremost its line up is probably one of the most interesting gatherings of people to record an album in a long time... Casey Chaos (Amen), Samoth (Zyklon, ex-Emperor), Faust (ex-Emperor), Cosmocrator (MindGrinder) and Happy Tom (Turbonegro).
Each member in this project is a leader, which makes everything much more powerful. You have the eccentric punk rocker Casey Chaos, Samoth and Faust appearing together on an album for the first time in over 10 years, denim stud-rocker Happy Tom and the fresh blood of Cosmocrator.

Before entering the renowned Crystal Canyon studio (Turbonegro/ We/ Euroboys etc.) in Oslo in September, Samoth, Faust and Cosmocrator had only a few rehearsals during which they tested out basic riffs and possible arrangements. However, the songs on the actual album ended up being entirely created and nailed down during the three week long studio session. This was essential to capture the raw and energetic atmosphere the band desired. Twelve tracks were recorded, ten of which are on this album. Guest appearances include Mortiis, Nocturno Culto (Darkthrone) and Knut “Euroboy” Schreider (Turbonegro/ Euroboys).

One of the basic thoughts behind Scum was to gather a group of musicians and friends who in many ways are well known in their respective scenes, but together – as a unit – come out as a constellation very rare in its own kind. The blueprint for the project was the spirit of Norwegian Black Metal mixed with a punk rock attitude. This was brought to life by the beliefs and perfect mistakes, some that you may or may not know, of all of its members. One of the challenges, when holding members from various bands and musical fields, is to maintain a clear vision of the project. The primary vision was to create an album unique in its own kind, created by innovators rather than followers. Call it death punk, black `n roll or whatever tag comes to mind. This is the spirit of a sincere respect for music and the spirit of lifelong dedication. This is an album of action and freedom. An unique alliance to address the state of affairs in music, and bring life to a dead and politically correct society. SCUM has just begun to spread its filth and disease to your infected culture! This is the Gospels for the Sick! Welcome onboard!

The League of Gentlemen:

Casey Chaos – Vocal
Samoth – Guitar
Cosmocrator – Guitar
Faust – Drums
Happy-Tom - Bass

the hard side of life
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