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Spinefarm records / Soulfood
09.04.2010 (GER)


KIUAS - Supercharged metal supremacy from Finland.

Man, this album is sort of like a congregation of mafiosi. There should be a sign on the front saying “killers only”.

In a saga, which is rapidly forming into Finland's next metal superstar, the new album “Lustdriven” is another giant leap in the progression of Helsinki heavies Kiuas. Drawing inspiration in equal parts from folklore of olden days & contemporary metal and armed with a unique sound, unparalleled musicianship and chops to die for, with “Lustdriven” Kiuas have hit the mother lode, concocting an ingenious, irresistible mix of melodic metal madness. To celebrate their first decade of existence, Kiuas hit the listener with sheer gold from the blinding charge of “Kiuassault” to the gently falling curtains of “Winter's Sting”. Every song on “Lustdriven” is an experience unto itself.

With its tastefully utilized symphonic elements and grander-than-ever arrangements “Lustdriven” pulls no punches. Armed with yet another ten blazing songs filled to the brim with no-holds-barred energy, Kiuas sweeps the feet from under the listener. Each tune filled with riffage so dense that it could fill an average band's entire discography, “Lustdriven” pummels the audience with a jaw-dropper after another. Highlighted by Ilja Jalkanen's soaring vocals and accompanied by Mikko Salovaara's insane fretwork and some of the sickest guitar/keys interplay heard in aeons, “Lustdriven” takes the audience to another world where Finnish divinity Ukko reigns King.

In a pedigree which already looks impressive enough, Kiuas' magnum opus to date, “Lustdriven” is destined to become the final eye-opener which will catapult them to the fame that nobody, and that is nobody deserves more.

Ready your emergency neck braces. Severe awesomeness incoming.


01. Kiuassault
02. Cry Little Angel
03. Of Love, Lust and Human Nature
04. Aftermath
05. Lights Are Many
06. The Visionary
07. Heart and Will
08. The Quickening
09. Summer's End
10. Winter's Sting


Ilja Jalkanen - vocals
Mikko Salovaara - guitars
Atte Tanskanen - keys
Teemu Tuominen – bass
Markku Näreneva - drums


The Spirit Of Ukko 2005
Reformation 2006
The New Dark Age 2008
Lustdriven 2010

the hard side of life
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