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Liberation = Termination
Mors Principium Est


Listenable Records / Soulfood
2.3.2007 (Germany)


Founded in 1999, Mors principium est was determined to create spine thrilling & agressive yet melodic thrash/death in some what may call 'the gothenburg ' sound. Blending this base sound with more modern influences , samples & crazed guitarsolo's, the base for Mors principium est was set.

Several demos were recorded from the beginning until the band got a recorddeal with listenable records back in 2002, leading to the stellar debut album 'Inhumanity', which got raving reviews in all the major metal press over the world. It was voted album of the month in Canada's BWBK magazine, reached number 10 out of 59 in ROCK HARD 's soundcheck (Germany), 17/20 in HARD ROCK (France), 5/6 in METALIAN France), 13/15 in LEGACY(Germany) among a large amount of extremely positive reactions. It clearly stated the fact that their writing style showed an outstanding band with a bright future. Many a journalist was astonished by the band's virtuosity which rarely appear on a debut album .

Mors principium est continued to surprise friend & foe with their second album 'the unborn', displaying a more mature songwriting and modern elements, fresh rhythmical structures that are quite unexpected to the genre. The band also kept their hard hitting dynamism and still retained the great atmosphere and the flooding amount of catchy hooks and solos appearing on their debut album and that have now become their trademark

Now, 2007... Mors principium est are back to unleash their most lethal & potent release to date to the world. "Liberation = termination" is a showcase and nothing short of a future classic that will convert the masses, there is no escape!

Reviews for 'The Unborn' 2nd album

“A detailed and stylish album, with textural richness and strong contrasts of timbre.” Zero Tolerance (UK)

“MPE have not only the songs but also the dynamics right.” Terrorizer (UK)

“The sound is even slicker, more polished and more powerful. The keyboards are more pronounced and the melodies stronger, impossible to ignore.” Power play (UK)

"A small Melodic Death-masterpiece with lots of details - respect!" Rock Hard germany- 8,5 / 10

"They combine the best of Swedish Death Metal with Finnish virtuosity and an own feeling for rhythm - a fresh breath for the szene" Metal Hammer germany 6/7

"With this album they could become one of the leading Modern Death bands that easily combine melodies and aggressiveness - Impressive!" Metal Heart - 9 / 10


1. Orsus
2. The oppressed will rise
3. The animal within
4. Finality
5. Cleansing rain
6. Forgotten
7. Sinners defeat
8. The distance between
9. It is done
10. Terminal liberation
11. Lost beyond retrieval


“Inhumanity” CD – 03’ Listenable Records
“The Unborn” CD - 04’ Listenable Records
“Inhumanity” Re-released with Bonuses CD – 06’ Listenable Records
“Liberation = Termination” CD – 07’ Listenable Records

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