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Acts Of Insanity
Speed Kill Hate


For their never-ending need to destroy several members of the N.Y. thrash legends OVERKILL needed another outlet to vent their anger and frustration. One band was simply not enough! Fueled by intensity and a bloodlust so strong it could start a war. They set in motion a mechanism to conquer the world. Founder of the band Dave Linsk started writing songs with the intentions of them being used for OVERKILL. Dave and Drummer Tim Mallare got together to demo the tunes. These songs took on a different direction then the direction OVERKILL is currently taking, hence the birth of SPEED/KILL/HATE.

The next thing to do was find the bass player. After passing on the demos to Derek Tailer the bass and rhythm section was complete. The last order of business was the vocalist. After trying some guys from other national acts it became apparent to Linsk to contact his old singer Mario from ANGER ON ANGER. Mario jumped on board and completes the band giving that element all the others were missing. SPEED/KILL/HATE went back to the roots of thrash metal right where they belong and are ready to release its music on the masses. Described as aggressive, intense, brutal music.......


1. Walls Of Hate
2. Setting Me Off
3. Violence Breeds
4. Slay The Enemy
5. Won`t See Fear
6. Face The Pain
7. R.A.W. - Revelation At War
8. Not For Me
9. Repent

the hard side of life
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