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This Corroded Soul Of Mine
Casket Garden

Casketgarden was formed back in 1998 by three today members: Attila Cseh, Péter Musitz, Balázs Tóth. The plan was to make such a same time brutal but melodic music as our favourite artist (At The Gates, Carcass ) had done before they split up. The line-up became full in 1999 with a bassist and the today vocalist István Cseh. With the first line-up the band recorded two demos: "An Ever Rounding Circle" in 1999 and the path-finder "....Of Grief" in 2000. These two demos, mainly the second, got great reviews in every 'zine where it was sent to.
In 2001 there were some problems with the line-up, then came Gábor Õri, the present bassist. His ancient metal fanaticism and dirty rock n' roll feeling made Casketgarden complete. With the new line-up Casketgarden made a really rude continuation of their "career". In the summer of 2002 promo CD "The Non-Existent" was released. This stuff got great reviews all over the world, from South America to South Korea. Casketgarden played with bands like Pungent Stench, Dew-Scented, Children Of Bodom, Nightwish or Anthrax.
Thanks to "The Non-Existent" promo, Casketgarden signed a deal with Metal Age Productions. Their first full lenght album was recorded at Studio Denevér in 2003. The music is the same as in the beginning: very brutal death/thrash metal with gloomy, heartbreaking melodies. Forget the true heavy metal twin themes. These griefy melodies are under the influence of old English doom bands as well, to make a darker atmosphere. The influences of Swedish bands are present here in the fast rhythms, and twisted riffing strengthening the brutal side of music. The songs like "Widow Mother Earth", "Song Of Tears", "Immortality Inc.", "Human Corrosive Disease" will definitely wash away the At The Gates-clone label from the band.
The concept is built upon an old song "An Ever Rounding Circle" which is not appearing on the full-length. The title "This Corroded Soul Of Mine" is also part of the lyrics of that old CG song. The lyrics is about the every day fights of our lives, when you feel you became rusty from despise, lies, blindness and the fight for living day by day (which is a very big problem in Eastern European Countries). Where is the emotion, the sense what makes our life more beautiful? Only profit and money counts in the modern society.
The loosely conceptional album begins with realising that we are part of the corroded society and ends with the escape. But where is the destination? Where to escape?
The cover artwork done by Miso Sestak is very good built around these concept, it expresses the suffering in every day fight of a man who is part of the modern society very good.
Casketgarden with "This Corroded Soul Of Mine" can be the one of the pulling bands of Metal Age Productions. Let's start to corrode...

1. Human Corrosive Disease
2. I Witness
3. Grief 100% (instrumental)
4. Song Of Tears
5. The Day When Silence Died
6. Immortality Inc.
7. Non-Existent
8. 7th Scar
9. Widow Mother Earth
10. Across The Vast Oceans Of Time

Attila Cseh - drums
István Cseh - vocals
Gábor Õri - bass guitar
Péter Musitz - guitar
Balázs Tóth - guitar

"An Ever Rounding Circle" demo 1999
"...of Grief" demo 2000
"The Non-Existent" promo 2002
"This Corroded Soul of Mine" CD 2003

Label contact:
Metal Age Productions
P.O.Box 42, 038 61 Vrutky
Slovakia - Europe

the hard side of life
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