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Over 70,000 years ago, an event of horrific proportions brought earth's life to the edge of existing. Known as the Toba eruption, a monstruous supervolcano spat forth brimstone and fire and put the world under the fangs of a massive volcanic winter.

Here and now, writing the year 2024, we finally get the audiomantic equivalence to this catastrophe absolute.

As if the most glorious days of Thrash Metal never had ceased to exist, Chilean aggressors MAYHEMIC come up with a debut combining utmost power and speed, intertwined with incredible musicianship and songwriting of sheer brilliance.

The young quartet has pushed it hard since the beginning with numerous live shows (i.e. sharing stages with names like Marduk, Krisiun…etc.), countless rehearsals and an evolution, which can be only labeled as stunning. From the well produced and structured "No-Life" demo up until the total speed mayhem and maniacal fury of the "Mortuary Feast Of Skeletons" Ep and the "Volcanic Blast" single, the time is now for MAYHEMIC's first full lenght madness.

Comparisons do mostly suck, but for those unfamiliar with their earlier outputs, imagine the ravage of old Sodom, the speed kill of Merciless & old Sepultura, all combined with Kreator's best moments of high class Thrash as on “Pleasure to Kill” till "Extreme Aggression". Big words without doubt, but listen to "Toba" and the rest is self-explaining.

If you need your white, dirty high tops, skinny jeans and leather jackets as sharp as in the 80's, this is the perfect soundtrack to bang your heads to hell.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Sebastian Puente in AudioCustom during 2023. Artwork by Bastian Velasquez.

"Triumph Portrait" - Official Track Stream: https://youtu.be/i-GYhW74Ekc


1. Kollarbone Crushed Neanderthal
2. Extintion & Mystery
3. Valley Of The Thundra
4. Triumph Portrait
5. Eschatological Symphony
6. Hazardous Prowler
7. Olduvai´s Lullaby
8. Toba

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the hard side of life
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