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UPRISING was wretched from the shadows in 2016 by W. (known from Waldgeflüster) with the release of “I”. While rooted in classical topics of Black Metal, “I” already started to deal with social and political issues, which became the main focus on it’s successor “II” in 2020. II continued where I ended, incorporating rocking riffs and melancholic melodies in an aggressive and driving Black Metal foundation.

In 2024 “III” follows, continuing the path that was started 8 years ago. Supported by the furious drumming by Austin Lunn of Panopticon, this record again focusses on melodies and aggression in the vein of its two predecessors, but with are more refined sound and fully embracing the social and political criticism, that became one of the trademarks of his project. From social injustice, to raging hymns advocating climate protection, UPRISING shows again that Black Metal can be relevant to society.

"Eternal Mantra" - Official Track Stream: https://youtu.be/YveDd6TSlLk


1. Eternal Mantra
2. Uprise III
3. Raise a Glass
4. A Message to the Hypocrites
5. While the World Is Burning
6. Brace Yourself


W. - Bass, Guitars, Voice
Austin Lunn - Drums

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the hard side of life
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