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Deal In Steel
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If REVEREND HOUND didn't exist, they'd have to be invented. Or has anyone ever heard of the Bavarian version of Vicious Rumors?

REVEREND HOUND are a quintet founded in Munich in 2008 and THE institution when it comes to old school heavy metal from the Bavarian capital. After the two albums “Beyond Savagery” (2009) and “Release The Hounds” (2015) as well as the EP “Enter My Nightmare” (2018), “Deal In Steel” is the metallic five-piece's newest LP.

The band consists of guitarists Thomas Meyns and Sebastian Weinstock, bassist Markus Brendel and singer Wolfgang Gräbner, one of the most powerful metal voices in southern Germany. The two guitarists are the founding members of REVEREND HOUND and already played together in their previous band Savage. The formation from which REVEREND HOUND would emerge was founded by Thomas Meyns and bassist Nicolas Freund. Markus Brendel joined REVEREND HOUND in 2011 and Wolfgang Gräbner took over vocal duties in 2015. After having worked with a number of drummers the band now found the right man for the job with the newest addition to the line-up, drum power house Andreas Lorenz.

Now it's time to get back on stage because that's where REVEREND HOUND feel most comfortable. Live shows with Night Demon, Myrath, Brainstorm, Hitten or Jaded Heart prove this just as impressively as festival gigs at Metal Days in Tolmin, Bavarian Battle Open Air, Metalheadz Open Air or Metal im Woid. The audience is treated to thrilling stage action, fat choruses, killer riffs, twin guitars and virtuoso guitar solos.

Fans of U.S. Metal acts such as Riot, Vicious Rumors, Sanctuary or Fifth Angel get their money's worth, as do those of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest and German genre stalwarts like Accept, Gamma Ray or Blind Guardian. There's even something for thrashers who enjoy the likes of Testament, Megadeth and Metallica.

All of these influences can be found on “Deal in Steel”, REVEREND HOUND’s third full-length album. The songs were mixed an mastered by the band's longtime friend Dan Baune (Devil's Train, Lost Sanctuary) who helmed the production at Noise Foundry Production. The striking artwork was designed by Joel Sánchez Rosales.

"Days Of Wrath" - Official Video Clip: https://youtu.be/NFEXJsbuCY4


1. The Night
2. Hounds Of The Sea
3. Days Of Wrath
4. Glory
5. Seeds Of Faith
6. Rain
7. Fallen Angels
8. A Cry For Light


Wolfgang Gräbner - Vocals
Thomas Meyns - Guitar
Sebastian Weinstock - Guitar
Markus Brendel - Bass
Andreas Lorenz - Drums

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