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Primal Judgement Manifesto
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Soulseller Records


Soulseller Records proudly presents the debut EP of Swedish Black Metal act ASPERNAMENTUM, entitled "Primal Judgement Manifesto".

ASPERNAMENTUM is the creation and vision of multi-instrumentalist D. Johansson. In a scene flooded with vague mindsets and a artificial approach to meaningful and pure Black Metal, ASPERNAMENTUM carves it’s own path fuelled by the true essence of Satanism.

"Primal Judgement Manifesto" is the culmination of a seed planted years ago. It’s the first step and presentation of Aspernamentum and it signifies the core elements of the true spirit of black metal. Primal, simple and honest. Recorded at Wing Studios in 2022 and mixed and mastered by Sverker Widgren.

"Epiphanies Of The Night's Light" - Official Track Stream: https://youtu.be/urzQamVl0uM


1. Epiphanies Of The Night's Light
2. To Pledge Allegiance To The Void Beyond
3. Vessel Of Enlightenment (Black Flame Manifestation)
4. Of Condemnation, Death And The Holy Ghost

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