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When Time Becomes Loss
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The invincible force of Pittsburg Prog cosmics HEMOTOXIN is once again avowed in a deluge of intricate fretboard finesse on their unstoppable fourth full-length “When Time Becomes Loss”.

Discordant in euphonious harmony yet ruminative in essence, riff-mogul Michael Chavez inflict a gaping wound that perfectly intersect forward-thinking Thrash and Prog Metal. With four years worth of revitalized power, “When Time Becomes Loss” is a fervent flame of victorious Metal that never blows out!

Featuring Scott Fuller (Annihilated, ex-Morbid Angel, ex-Havok, etc) on drums, recorded and mixed by Ripped To Shreds' Andrew Lee at The Weeb Dungeon and mastered by Justin Weis at Trackworx Studio (Agalloch, High On Fire, Pallbearer, etc). Cover artwork once again commissioned to the phenomenal Mark Cooper (Slaughterday, Master, Thanatos, etc).

"Call From The Abyss" - Official Track Stream: https://youtu.be/GotpUO6zxZo


1. Morbid Reflections
2. Call From The Abyss
3. Malediction
4. Abstract Commands
5. Conscious Descent
6. Reborn In Tragedy
7. When Time Becomes Loss


Michael Chavez - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Scott Fuller - Drums

Guest guitar solos: Donnie Small (Track 2), Andrew Lee (Track 5), Tony Barhoum (Track 7)

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