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Borders Of Mania
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“Borders of Mania” is a relentless extreme metal opus of technical beauty and bludgeoning grace!

RED ROT is the extreme metal band of Luciano Lorusso George and Davide Tiso, formerly of Ephel Duath, and their follow up album “Borders of Mania” is a relentless opus of technical beauty and bludgeoning grace. A punishing descent into human psychosis.

RED ROT is a physical band, it attacks you right on the gut once you push play. When Luciano and Davide decided to start the band, they had this big raw sound in mind: RED ROT’s essence was alive even before the songs were written. Roaring guitars attacking the listener like a bag of bricks, natural sounding extreme metal drums, a heavy rounded bass linking guitars and drums and a voice that punishes like a crazy sermon playing on a loop in your head. RED ROT has also a broken, masculine sense of doom. It’s almost funerary. It’s the kind darkness that is palpable and right in your face. Almost unequivocal.

The fifteen songs on “Borders of Mania” are musically intense, raw and passionate, but with a multi-faceted elegance that envisages RED ROT appealing to fans of radical and heavy music right across the spectrum. Engorged with elements of Death Metal, Doom and Thrash: Mal de Vivre sounds like a twisted blend of the roots of early Morbid Angel and Paradise Lost with the experimental discord of Voivod and the hardcore clash and klang of bands like Converge.

Artwork by Niklas Sundin (Dark Tranquillity, Sentenced, Arch Enemy, Thyrfing). Mixed and Mastered by Jamie King (Between The Buried and Me, The Contortionist).

Official Track Streams: Overlord +++ False Memory


01. Compulsive Delusion
02. Agony Untold
03. False Memory
04. Homo Sapiens Imago Dei
05. Messianic Alteration
06. Inner Voice
07. Overlord
08. Not in Control
09. Cranioscopy
10. Endless Ravine
11. Vindication
12. Self Harm Scars
13. Misericordie
14. Sun
15. Affliction and Relief


Luciano Lorusso George - Vocals
Davide Tiso - Guitars & synthesizers
Chris Alfano - Bass
Ron Bertrand - Drums

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