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Beyond The Bells
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Formed in 1984 in Belgium, the first chapter of SCAVENGER starts with their debut album "Battlefields" (1985) released by Mausoleum Records. Standing the test of time, the powerful debut has become a real cult classic of the '80s underground heavy metal scene. Shortly after its release, Mausoleum ends its activities making it impossible for SCAVENGER to continue but no one expected what was yet to come. This was just the beginning...

A link between past and present.

In 2018, the Belgian heavy rockers break out of their slumbering state and re-emerge onto the scene with a fresh line-up celebrating their well aged first release by playing a series of festivals and club shows around Europe. The band's metamorphosis/fans sparked the growing demand and creativity to start writing new material and moving forward. Chapter two became imminent after independently releasing their 2-track 7" single "Backslider" back in 2020. Fully supported by original members, fans and friends, they present their long anticipated full-length "Beyond The Bells". Balancing on a tightrope between old-school speed metal and hard rocking anthems, SCAVENGER deliver 9 new tracks assuring listeners to floor the gaspedam and speed at night. Influenced by a variety of '80s classics, speed metal, NWOBHM and hard rock, this album is a perfect fit for fans of Acid, Warlock, Judas Priest and the spirit of traditional metal.

"Beyond The Bells" was recorded and mixed by Bob Briessinck at Breeze Inc. Studio. Mastered by Jens Larsson at Larsson Mastering. Music producer & synth programming: Anton Mergaerts. Cover artwork by Luisa Agudelo.

"Black Witchery" - Official Lyric Video: https://youtu.be/o8Sg1DytQuQ


01. The Warning Bell
02. Black Witchery
03. Watchout!
04. Streetfighter
05. Defiler
06. Hellfire
07. Slave to the Master
08. Nosferatu
09. Crystal Light
10. Backslider *
11. Red Hot *

*CD-only remastered bonus tracks from the "Backslider" single


Tine Lucifera - Lead Vocals
Tim N. - Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals
Kevin D. - Lead Guitar
Vincent DL. - Bass
Gabriel DS. - Drums


Battlefields (1985)
Backslider EP (2020)
Beyond The Bells (2024)

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