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Whispers Of Lore
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Gates Of Hell Records
10. Nov. 2023


Epic metal collides with folk and NWOBHM in an album stocked with fantasy and allegory! The debut offering from Cyprus pure heavy metal band RECEIVER, "Whispers of Lore" is a climatic, melody-dominated adventure for the ages!

Formed in 2011 in Nicosia, Cyprus, RECEIVER has made it its mission to deliver pure heavy, epic metal with a dose of folk influences. The band honors legends such as Iron Maiden, Warlord, Manilla Road, Omen, Black Sabbath, Dio, Heaven’s Gate, Riot, Savatage and Saracen, but also the traditional music of the island of Cyprus and folk from around the world such as The Dubliners and Sandy Denny. This unique blend has culminated in RECEIVER’s long-awaited debut album, "Whispers of Lore".

Recorded in Athens, Greece, at Entasis Studios with Nick Papakostas (who also mixed and mastered the record), "Whispers of Lore" features a striking, memorable array of songs, graced with the soaring clean vocals of Nikoletta Kyprianou and backed by sterling guitar melodies. Perhaps the real beauty of "Whispers of Lore" is RECEIVER’s uncanny ability to seamlessly underpin progressive rock and the sounds of NWOBHM into a compact, but adventurous nine songs.

Lyric-wise RECEIVER addresses the ills of humanity: social injustice, imperialism and the vein, nefarious degradation of the human condition that is war. Through fantasy and allegory, RECEIVER expresses these concerns, sailing on a voyage of battle and lore.

"Whispers of Lore"’s cover art was created by Nikoletta and is loosely based on the setting of some of the album’s songs, namely “Whispers of Lore” and “Prowess and Decay.” The goal for Nikoletta and her bandmates was to create a cover that provided the aesthetic of each song being a lore, a story for the listener to explore - as if reading a book.

Artwork by Ivan Brun rounds out a package that perfectly ties in thematically with the desperate and dark themes of the lyrics. It is a fitting component to an album laced with stunning visuals and epic, old-school metal of the highest order!

"Whispers of Lore" is a worldly, bold trip into the hearts and minds of a band who is just scratching the surface of its creative potential. The time is now to immerse yourself in the world of RECEIVER - a classic metal band unlike any other!

"Unite" - Official Track Stream: https://youtu.be/zY4NM4QHVoc


1. Unite
2. Starchaser
3. Trespasser
4. Falling to Dust
5. Wilderness (Cover from "Golden Axe" video game)
6. Raiders of the Night
7. Arrow
8. Whispers of Lore
9. Prowess and Decay (CD Bonustrack)


Nikoletta Kyprianou - Vocals
Andreas Kyriacou - Guitars
Charalambos Vassiliou - Guitars
Loizos Koukoumas - Bass
Yiannis Xanthou - Drums

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