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Of Awakening
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Risen from the ruins, created by the fierce tides, THE CIRCLE hails you to the realm of the blackened sun with the upcoming full-length concept album entitled "Of Awakening". With their second creation, the 3-piece founded in 2021 based around vocalist Asim Searah (Ex-Wintersun) takes you on a voyage through the facets of egoism, devastation, self-hatred and reflection and the results of destructive behavior that lead to a higher level of self-actualization.

Emphasized by a blend of aggression and disharmony, yet captivating the listener in a sorrowful and haunting atmosphere, the five compositions take the audience into a sound of ambient Black/Doom Metal combined with progressive and symphonic elements which the band describes as ‘Art Metal’. The highest Aim of this album is to open up the uncovered horizons of personal philosophy and launch a cathartic process in the inner self of every listener.

"Ashes and Fading Tides" - Official Track Stream: https://youtu.be/rxpPCghLDm0


1. Ruins, My Dying World
2. Of Awakening (feat. Ne Obliviscaris)
3. Afflux
4. Reign of the Black Sun
5. Ashes and Fading Tides


Music and guitars by Stanley Robertson
Lyrics and vocals by Asim Searah
Drums by Philipp Wende
Bass by Jaakko Nikko
Viola and violin by Lisa Wende
Violin guest solo on 'Of Awakening' by Tim Charles // Ne Obliviscaris

Photo Credit: Anne C. Swallow

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the hard side of life
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