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What, Us Worry?
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Empire Records


Empire Records proudly announces a vinyl LP version of BELUSHI SPEED BALL's latest album, "What, Us Worry?", initially released in May 2022 via sonaBLAST! Records.

There are bands who do things by the book…and then there is Louisville’s own BELUSHI SPEED BALL, who have successfully thumbed their nose at conformism since 2013. BELUSHI SPEED BALL nominally play an aggressive brand of crossover thrash, but their focus on absurdity and unorthodox aesthetics allows them to stand in a category of their own creation.

Notorious for thrashing (and trashing) venues with their eccentric theatrical performances, every BELUSHI SPEED BALL live experience is deliberately very different from the one prior. A recent performance, to paint a vivid picture, was a post-pandemic show where the band played from a moving van, visiting bar patios while dressed in apocalyptic Mad Max attire. In the words of Leo Weekly, “Watching a BELUSHI SPEED BALL show is a lot like going to a pro wrestling event. There are costumes, characters and raw energy.”

To date, the band has released their music on notably obscure media. Prior releases include an album on a comic book, an album for Gameboy Advance, and a single housed in a Furby. Keeping with non-conformist tradition, their newest album will be released on Nintendo 64.

Mastered by Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust) and recorded by Chase Bensing. In addition, ripping solo features are provided by Jamison Land (former Beefcake of Gwar), Tony Barhoum (Condition Critical), and Nick Burks (Savage Master).

Note: On its B-side, the vinyl version will feature the 2021 EP "Stella 1 and Stella 2" as a bonus!


Side A - "What, Us Worry?"
1. Ripping Off Municipal Waste
2. Tattletale Strangler
3. Magic Conch
4. Glass Bones and Paper Skin II
5. Butter and Pretty Dresses
6. Dog Birthday
7. Super Saiyan Vegeta is a Good Dad
8. Belushi Speed Grind

Side B - "Stella 1 and Stella 2"
1. Captain Planet Can’t Stop US
2. We Aren’t Thrashers, We Are Hipster Posers
3. Dirty Dan and Pinhead Larry
4. I’m Already Halfway There
5. Daniel Neel is the Best Drummer Alive
6. Glass Bones and Paper Skin
7. Shut the Snarf up Mortal
8. Wumbology (Belushi Speed Ball Cover)


Vinny - Guitar / Vocals
Senor Diablo - Back up Vocals
Michael - Theatrics Vocals
Jazzy - Bass
Kyle - Guitar / Vocals
Jamison Land - Guitars
Daniel Neel - Drums
Chase Bensing - Additional Guitars
Blake Herbert - Additional Guitars on “Belushi Speed Grind”
Tony Barhoum - Additional Guitars on “Ripping Off Municipal Waste”
Nick Burks - Additional Guitars on “Butter and Pretty Dresses”
William Willis - Additional Vocals on “Belushi Speed Grind”

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