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Consuming Aberration


Pulverised Records


The murderous rampage of Chilean PUTRID YELL lies in the sickened HM-2 evilnoise that already displays a war-command strike on the group’s debut effort “Consuming Aberration”!

Cold and reptilian but akin to nails impaling with precision and mastery, PUTRID YELL is the inch-perfect blend of contemporary Swede-saw, proto 90’s outta-control chainsaw sound that fascinated the extreme music world and that undeniable first-gen primal Cogumelo worship; a grating orifice of the absolute radiance of the glorious 80’s South American Black/Death Metal movement.

The album was recorded and mixed by Cristian Leon at Lion’s Roar Studio (Ripper, Hellish, Dearthsvn, etc), mastered by Damien Herring at Subterranean Watchtower Studio (Horrendous, Suffering Hour, Blood Incantation, Rope Sect, etc) and comes with brilliantly warped artwork by Putrid Matt (Coffins, Bones, Hooded Menace, etc).

Active since 2012, PUTRID YELL has released 2 demos and 3 splits to date. The band consists of members from Phantasmagore, Soulrot and Suppression.FFO Entombed, Nirvana2002, early Sepultura & HM-2 Death Metal!

"Indescribable Evil Instinct" - Official Track Stream: https://youtu.be/5pwvrrgAt6E


01. The Search
02. Consuming Aberration
03. Desire Of Death
04. Re-Animator
05. Forgotten Souls
06. Charred Corpses
07. Indescribable Evil Instinct
08. Process Through Death
09. Deadly Ashes
10. Wrenching Putrid Yell

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