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Book Of Legends
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Hailing from the UK sails RED RUM, a band of pirates who have tirelessly ahoyed across the treacherous seas in hunt of the mightiest melodies and riffs to slot into your ear holes!

"Book of Legends" is their most adventurous release to date, full of catchy melodies, spine crushing singalongs, and undeniably raucous pirate metal riffs, these pirates will have you dancing in the oars in merriment! This new album places the bands neoclassical take on pirate metal to new heights, and with the matured song writing skills you’re sure to want to play this until you jig yourself to exhaustion!

Come with the band on a mighty quest, told in spectacular song form. Gasp as they face the unrelenting seas, laugh as they best their foes in drinking games, and drink along with them on their musical adventures for the glimmering treasure.

The countless voyages of RED RUM have truly cemented their place in the folk metal world and beyond sharing the stage with the likes of Sodom, Skindred, Alestorm, and many more. So prepare to brandish your steel because RED RUM are boarding your ship and drinking all your booze!

Layout by Jan Yrlund @darkgroove (Tyr, Manowar, Korpiklaani, Battle Beast etc). Mixed and Mastered by Alboin / Nightside Audio.

Official Video Clips: Greatest Drink (In All The Land) +++ We Pirates


01. Book Of Legends
02. Drunk And Disorderly
03. 50 Gallons Of Ale
04. We Pirates
05. Liar’s Dice
06. Greatest Drink (In All The Land)
07. Rekt
08. Captain’s Command
09. Drunken Pirates (Ahoy!)
10. Make Port Drink Port


Sam: Mandolin, Mandola, Mandocello, Banjo, Bouzouki, Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Whistles, Backing Vocals
Dave: Lead Vocals
Dominic: Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Lizzey: Keyboards, Jaw Harp, Backing Vocals
Mitchell: Drums
Nick: Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Röman: Bass Guitar

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