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Only Death Is Eternal (EP)


Pulverised Records
2. Aug. 2024


The absolute vile-force of Deathpunks DOLDREY is encroached in the group’s latest pièce de résistance “Only Death Is Eternal”, an EP featuring five tracks of cruel, glacial-piercing riffs akin to a rusty knife clutched deep into an infected stabwound.

“Only Death Is Eternal” is a true manifestation of nefarious, show-no-mercy Death/Thrash Metal with the sensibilities of streetpunk, intricate but brilliantly arranged song structures further elevate the wicked and twisted DNA of DOLDREY. “Only Death Is Eternal” is the sublime transition and a flawless emulsifier of the unadulterated lawless nature of Punk and the precision musicianship of traditional Metal.

Recorded and mixed once again by Izzad Radzali Shah at Dungeon 416 and mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios, Western Massachusetts, USA (Full Of Hell, Iron Lung, The Body, Glue, etc), with macabre cover artwork and illustrations conceptualized by Alexander L. Brown (Bølzer, Cruciamentum, Horrendous, etc).

"Moral Decay" - Official TRack Stream: https://youtu.be/1JiAQAvt87k


1. Moral Decay
2. Only Death Is Eternal
3. All Is Hell
4. Societal Machine
5. Keres

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