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We are Falling (Re-Release)




BY THE SPIRITS was founded in 2016 by Polish artist Michał Krawczuk, who calls his style Forest Folk. The core of the project is to create folk-inspired music that tells stories about people, nature, spirituality, love, and death, showing that all this is closely connected.

In the few years of its existence, BY THE SPIRITS has already played many shows all over Europe, sharing the stage with Of the Wand and the Moon, Spiritual Front, and Grift, among others.
The melancholy of the album "We are Falling" brings to life the ancient spirits of nature, negotiates the theme of spirituality and reflects on the decay of humanity, the decay of each individual, and the poisoned spirit of modern times.

The creative intention behind "We are Falling" is to convey spiritual paths that lead back to nature, which we can only preserve through active (re)action. To this end, BY THE SPIRITS makes use of a wonderful folk aesthetic: melancholic but energetic and fiery guitar playing, paired with subtle but powerful percussion in the background, seems to awaken forgotten eras like an echo. Michał Krawczuk's profound vocal style stands out remarkably from the whole, creating a perfect balance between emotion and expression.

Expressive lyrics and catchy melodies characterize the album from beginning to end. Even on the first run-through, they convey intense soundscapes to the listener between longing and hope on the one hand, and decay and decline on the other.

Originally released in 2017 in very limited quantities, the record gained instant classic status in the dark and neofolk scene. Collaborations with Death In Rome, In Ruins, and Osi and the Jupiter followed. For this re-release, BY THE SPIRITS teamed up with Valkenstijn of MOSAIC, who contributed additional vocals and instruments for the bonus material and handled the production and visual side.


01. Into the Dust
02. Bury Me
03. I Am Fire
04. My Sun
05. The Watcher
06. Cry Together
07. Love
08. We're Falling
09. Serpent's Light
10. Hidden Among (Bonustrack)
11. The Sounds of Wilderness (Bonustrack)


Michal Krawczuk: All instruments and vocals

Photo Credit: Lukasz Krawczyk

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