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Defiled In Oblivion


Dark Descent Records


This summer, furious old school mastery returns to Dark Descent Records in the form of CASTRATOR’s long-awaited debut album "Defiled in Oblivion".

Nearly seven years have passed since their "No Victim" EP set the scene aflame… yet these were mere warning shots across the bow. With their third release to date, the New York four-piece have perfected their blend of fierce old school USDM to a fault. More uncompromising and ruthless than ever before, CASTRATOR’s zero-fucks-given approach rips and shreds across 9 hypnotically violent new tracks (alongside a cover of Venom’s Countess Bathory) and make "Defiled in Oblivion" a release to be reckoned with. Boys club beware!

Cover art by Jon Zig.

"Tyrant's Verdict" - Official Video Clip: https://youtu.be/FU7tC-aAvfw


01. Dawa of Yousafzai
02. Tormented by Atrocities
03. Befoul My Existence
04. Inquisition Sins
05. Voices of Evirato
06. Forsaken and Deprived
07. Sinister Mind
08. Purge the Rotten (Ones)
09. Tyrant's Verdict
10. Countess Bathory (Venom cover)


Robin Mazen - Bass
Carolina Perez - Drums
Kimberly Orellana - Guitars
Clarissa Badini - Vocals

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