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Excursion Demise + Weave the Apocalypse


Hammerheart Records


INVOCATOR - "Excursion Demise" (Reissue)

Finally unearthed and re-issued in the way Hammerheart Records do re-issues! Insane high-speed technical Thrash with a hint of Death Metal!

INVOCATOR has produced without a doubt one of the fastest albums ever recorded with “Excursion Demise”. Maybe even the fastest. An insane combination of high-speed technical Thrash with a hint of Death Metal is displayed on this debut. If you have ever heard their demo material, they knew what they wanted to do. Make insanely fast Thrash Metal. And they do it oh so well.

These musicians are top notch and the more you listen to their songs, the more you discover. There are tons and tons of riffs in every songs, but you don’t get lost. The songs structures are clearly stated with some small, but extremely interesting susprises here and there. This album is totally enjoyable from start to finish, with no boring moments at all.

When it comes to speed, nobody can touch these guys. They pull off the speed and competence so well. If you don’t have this album, get it. Right now.

"Excursion Demise" - Official Track Stream: https://youtu.be/6G9XeYLoVc8

1. Excursion Demise
2. (...To a Twisted Recess of Mind)
3. Forsaken Ones
4. The Persistence from Memorial Chasm
5. Absurd Temptation
6. Schismatic Injective Therapy
7. Occurrence Concealed
8. Beyond Insufferable Dormancy
9. Inner Contrarieties
10. Alterations
Genetic Confusion - Demo
1. Dismal Serfage
2. Insurrected Despair
3. Restraint Life
4. The Scars Remain
Alterations - Demo
5. Alterations
6. Occurrence Concealed
7. The Persistence from Memorial Chasm
8. Pursuit of a Rising Necessity
9. Insurrected Despair
Promo 1991
10. Beyond Insufferable Dormancy
11. Inner Contrarities
12. Absurd Temptation

INVOCATOR - "Weave the Apocalypse" (Reissue)

Finally unearthed and re-issued in the way Hammerheart Records do re-issues! Heavy riffing Thrash Metal masterpiece, first time on vinyl!

INVOCATOR creates a Thrash masterpiece with the album, but beware, this is a different form of Thrash than you’re used to, and may be too “groovy” for some. Having said that, if you like Exhorder, Pantera, or Metallica, you’ll probably find this album to be great. Indeed, it blows the shit out of anything that Pantera has ever done. So what do we get? What makes this album such a great thing? Answer: everything.

It is not easy to describe what’s going on here, because Invocator uses a varitety of shifting, semi-groovy riffs, but at times you’ll also hear some Morbid Angel and Suffocation influences a few times. There’s a lot of twisted riffing going on as well, with serpentine tones and a few squeals. The drumming on here is really good, coming from Per M. Jensen (yeah, he’s played with the Haunted and Nightrage). His playing is incredibly tight and powerful, which brings to mind Gar Samuelson and Dave Lombardo. If you like Exhorder’s “Slaughter In The Vatican”, but can deal with a more streamlined and less-rude version, this will be up your alley. It’s a total about face from their first album, but “Weave the Apocalypse” is something that is totally different and a true testament to INVOCATOR’s mastery of heavy riffing.

"Through the Nether to the Sun" - Official Track Stream: https://youtu.be/_3HPEPUqiec

1. Through the Nether to the Sun
2. From my Skull it Rains
3. Desert Sands
4. Condition Critical
5. Breed of Sin
6. Doomed to Be
7. Lost at Birth
8. Land of Misery
9. The Afterbirth
10. Weave the Apocalypse
Live Odense 1994
1. Excursion Demise
2. Land of Misery
3. From my Skull it Rains
4. Condition Critical
5. Occurrence Concealed
6. The Afterbirth
7. Breed of Sin
8. Lost at Birth
9. Desert Sands
10. Doomed to Be
11. Weave the Apocalypse
12. Mr. Albert Fish (Macabre cover)
Promo 1992
13. Doomed to Be
14. Land of Misery
15. Lost at Birth
16. The Eternal War (Artillery cover)
17. The Promise Of Agony (Dark Angel cover)


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