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Hell Is For Hugo




GREEN CLAWS presents a rock/metal opera in 23 chapters - based on a horrifying Halloween experience!

George Purves is an very talented individual. Being active as a musician for many years he decided to compose and record a rock/metal opera all by himself. In 23 chapters he manages to tell a horrifying story that takes place during Halloween. Musically he managed to superbly catch the mood of each little chapter and lyrically he shows us he is a talented storyteller. In a very British, almost Sherlock Holmes-ish tone the story manages to capture your attention while musically song after song will impress you. Instead of listening to tales of terror you can now play this album every day and be amazed. It is not only suitable for Halloween, although one might not know what would happen if played on said day. The pinnacle of an amazing story combined with superb music.


1. The Brick
2. Calling All Demons
3. Lucifer Hotel
4. Stolen By a Demon
5. The Scavengers
6. This Elevator
7. Hail Minos!
8. Stuck in Luxury
9. Time’s Winged Chariot
10. Sludge
11. Brand Nation
12. The Saints

1. Pay the Ferryman
2. Screaming of the Trees
3. The Brick (Part II)
4. Evil and Chill
5. Hell is For Hugo
6. Loser Lucifer
7. Scaredy-Cat
8. Part of Me
9. The Door - Hellion Rebellion
10. The Final Circle
11. Evil is a Human Trait

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