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By The Rivers Of Heresy
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Petrichor proudly presents the debut album of WHITE SNAKE OF BLACKENED MAZE! Dark romanticism captured within Blackened Metal and haunting melodies!

We are the watchers Wirogl and Wesdor, ancient creatures. We appear to people as people. We dress in the air of this world, and seem to be people. And this we will always be. A hidden key, a sleepless eye. And to this day we live and exist, teaching people. We carry the hidden. We see the cause of wars. We know the price of blood. We predict the fall of empires. We witness dying civilizations. The mystic rebirth and eternal reincarnations.

Album concept: About 3300 years started gradual but cruel “amonisation” (implementation of Amon’s/Amen/Amin concept) of peoples and tribes. Lots of them fell to their knees due to the force of the adherents of “invisible” and “hiding behind multiple names” Amon. Rebels were mercilessly exterminated. Dedicated to all the fallen in this centuries-long war of thought and faith: “By the Rivers of Heresy”. The album-narration handed over by through the souls of Wirogl and Wesdor by the spirits of White Snakes tribe hiding in a black labyrinth of knowledge.

"Shadow March" - Official Video Clip: https://youtu.be/wXRx8ahHqHU


1. The King
2. Distrust Thy Teacher
3. Faith and Denial
4. Smash the Law
5. Shadow March
6. Arise
7. Prayer at the Ruins
8. The Preacher of Nihil
9. Heretic Confessions (Heresikon)

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the hard side of life
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