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Beyond The Mirage
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"The Fragments of Wonder", WONDERS’ 2021 debut album, enlightened our world with outstanding, sensational pieces of work. A catchy record, seamlessly crafted on the Greek/Italian precious metal workbench, instantly demanding a strong follow-up. Here they are: "Beyond The Mirage"” brings back powerful anthems, skillful guitar play, progressive patterns, and a great voice.

The WONDERS side-project profits from a perfect line-up: these guys are real characters with attitude. Listen to any of Bob Katsionis’ collaborations and you will experience exceptionally designed soundscapes. Same happens if you dig into the musical worlds of brothers Pietro Paulo Lunesu (guitar) and Giorgio Lunesu (drums), hailing from the Mediterranean island of Sardinia. Back in1999 they started their band EVEN FLOW. Their debut album “Ancient Memories” was released in 2011 which was followed by “Life Has Just Begun” in 2017.

Since 2017, WONDERS frontman Marco Pastorino from Northern Italy has been a member of EVEN FLOW’s line-up. Marco’s principal band TEMPERANCE, featuring his skills as lead guitarist and lead singer alike, delivered six stylistically widespread progressive long play albums in less than a decade. Marco is among the most wanted vocalists in his musical sphere. He contributed both his singing and his guitar play to a huge list of acts and records including Virtual Symmetry, The Ritual, Light & Shade, Fall Sanctuary and Cristiano Filippi’s FLAMES OF HEAVEN.

The Lunesu brothers and their partners always deliver and expect one hundred per cent dedication and musicianship – similar to their inspirational role models Iron Maiden, Angra, Dream Theater, Fates Warning, and Queensryche. Pietro recently mentioned it took a few years to find a stable line-up with EVEN FLOW: “We frankly talk about anything face to face. If there is no solution, we part ways.”

Pietro Paolo and Giorgio share a harmonious collaboration. The brothers are deeply rooted to their native home of Sassari in the northern area of Sardinia. They draw loads of strength and inspiration from the region’s beautiful nature. Sometimes the songwriting even takes place under open skies, when Pietro takes his guitar to the beaches: “I always start on the acoustic guitar, then I bring up first ideas with vocal melodies. My brother is rounding it up, delivering the final structure.”
Pietro sums up the ambitions of the second WONDERS record: “This time the idea has been to create an album even more powerful than the previous one, promoting the true and total powers of WONDERS. The new album is characterized by speed power metal songs with guitars, keyboards, and drums playing a key role. Of course we did not put aside our AOR influences creating the mid tempo songs to highlight the melodies.”

The compositions of WONDERS work out great, thanks to the Lunesu brothers’ fluent play with Bob, Marco and TEMPERANCE bassist Luca Negro. Working duties were strictly shared: Pietro Paolo delivered songwriting and guitar play, Marco left his axe in its case, concentrating on lead vocals, and Bob orchestrated a multi-tasking job, playing the keyboards, arranging songs, managing the studio production, and also taking care of the album’s cover artwork.

"One Million Miles" - Official Video Clip: https://youtu.be/cpdhnSiB-ps


01. One Million Miles
02. Breaking The Chains
03. Here I Go Again
04. Hold Me, Save Me
05. Once Upon A Time
06. In & Out Of Time
07. Coming Home
08. All My Dreams
09. Into The Light
10. The Time Of Your Life
CD Bonustrack:
11. Come On


Marco Pastorino - Vocals & Choirs
Bob Katsionis - Keyboards
Pietro Paolo Lunesu - Guitars
Luca Negro - Bass
Giorgio Lunesu - Drums

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