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This is the fourth album from ELECTRIC GUITARS who have a cult following in Denmark for their lively guitar riff-centric rock and energy-filled live shows.

The brainchild of Soren Andersen of the Glenn Hughes Band, and Mika Vandborg who has worked with many huge artists including Justin Hawkins of the Darkness, this talented pair are well known as much sought after session musicians as well as live performers. Soren Andersen is also a world-class producer and engineer, owner of Medley Studios in Copenhagen, and has been called ‘the new Mutt Lange’. In ELECTRIC GUITARS this dynamic duo turns their talents to their own project.

The band is already well known in Denmark and Jesper and Jacob Binzer of D-A-D appeared on their 2017 “Rock n Roll Radio” album and several times with the band on stage. Frequently oversubscribed by work for other artists the pandemic has given ELECTRIC GUITARS a chance to re-focus on songwriting and create THE album to bring them to the attention of the whole world.

Three singles are coming out. “Dopamine” has an energy that is a little like D-A-D, wild and slightly punky, but still very much rock and captures that irreplaceable high that rock music provides, “Hot Blooded Woman’” channels Cheap Trick and relates a South American tour story that definitely got outta hand and “Nervous Breakdown”, a song about everything we have been through in the pandemic is like a heavier version of Zander & Co, just adding screams!

Like every other rock crazy musician or fan, the band have been storing up their power and energy “like a bunch of wild mustangs that’ve been kept tied up for too long”. Songs like “Freewheeler”, “Going Out” and “Cut Loose” capture that pent-up energy revealing a band who cannot wait to let themselves loose on an unsuspecting world. “Rainbow” reveals an optimism and go-getting never say die attitude which is the essence of rock’n’roll.

“We’ve never been closer and tighter as a band. Every other band is doing something nice, polished and produced - we just wanted to share this raw energy” - Soren Andersen.

The band has a tour planned in Denmark and is hoping to widen and include more dates worldwide as circumstances permit.

Official Video Clips: Dopamine +++ Nervous Breakdown


1. Dopamine
2. Hot Blooded Woman
3. Nervous Breakdow
4. Zero Four
5. Going Out
6. Incoming
7. Cut Loose
8. Freewheeler
9. Rainbow
10. Welcome History


Mika Vandborg - Electric Guitars (left side), Lead Vocals
Soren Andersen - Electric Guitars (right side), Lead Vocals
Peter Kjobsted - Bass, Backing Vocals
Morten Hellborn - Drums, Backing Vocals

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