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Mournful Sights
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Cold Knife Records


Cold Knife Records proudly present their first ever release: the debut album of EMISSARY OF SUFFERING!

EMISSARY OF SUFFERING came into existence through the members' lifelong love for metal. Having grown up with bands like Iron Maiden, Death and Dismember, but also political hardcore/punk, their mission statement is to pay tribute to those who came before them without losing forward thinking.

The involved members have a long history within the alternative music scene in bands like Anchor, King Apathy, Gust, Heretoir, Disavow, Ophis and Blessings just to mention a few. Their first release "Mournful Sights" is a thrashing death metal album, pulling from the bands that changed the membersĀ“ lives, musically. Lyrically and thematically it deals with a world they see emerge more and more into a moloch of inhumane policies and right-wing narratives. This is their way of trying to understand. Sending eight missiles into the hearts of the beasts.

Official Video Clips: Rope +++ Mournful Sight


1. Total Void
2. Rope
3. Mournful Sight
4. Samaritan
5. Privilege
6. Abbatoir
7. Enemies of Reality
8. Cura Animarum Suprema Lex

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the hard side of life
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