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The Final Revelation Of Abaddon
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Death Metal has always had its arms wide-open to energies which surround the untouchable, dark, evil and forbidden. The debut album "The Final Revelation of Abaddon" by Italy’s RIEXHUMATION has embraced such [primeval] energies which dwell somewhere deep within the chasms of the cosmos. It evokes the currents buried in time; it invokes the hindmost darkness unknown to the average sensual man and so it creates a profound experience of ominous, old school death metal darkness.

Musically, aesthetically and compositionally, RIEXHUMATION are obviously taking inspiration from the finest death metal tradition. However, to pick any particular inspiration or influence would be impossible here (one could run through plenty of names eventually but none in particular) and that, in itself, is quite an achievement in times when bands are wearing their main influence(s) on their sleeves as selling point(s). This brings us to another crucial element which divides RIEXHUMATION from the blurred sonic mass out there. Although "The Final Revelation of Abaddon" is a debut album, the band has produced a forward thinking material without breaking any of these old school death metal traditions but by revitalizing some of them with the band's own advancements that have lent the album unique identity in its expression and sound. All of that shows the way how old school death metal could vitally persist in its dinkum state and not only survive as currently popular but worn-out shade of its glorious past.

With that being said, death metal connoisseurs and devotees, who hear the little things that make a big difference, should receive an intense dose of uplifting musical and spiritual experience from this doom-laden, eerie, raw, blistering effort that's as eruptive as absolutely controlled. Abandon the light, put "The Final Revelation of Abaddon" on, and let the pulsating frequencies of pitch black cosmic matter overtake the senses. This is inherently how real death metal is supposed to be made and perceived. Ears shall hear, the soul shall listen.

*** Cover art by Roberto Toderico

"The Vectorcvlt" - Official Track Stream: https://youtu.be/_PjtUydQcJE


1. Intro
2. Inbreeding A Final Form In The Flesh
3. Take The Throne Of Enlil
4. Conflagration Mantra
5. Manifestation Of The Horned-Head Presence
6. Ascension XIV
7. The Vectorcvlt
8. Embrace Nihility
9. Triumph Of Perfect Darkness

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