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Her Bones in Whispers
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ORDEAL & PLIGHT is a musical project with changing personnel from different European countries. On their sophomore album "Her Bones in Whispers" the collective manages to create a mesmerising trip with excursions into tense cinematic and drab soundscapes – matt black made audible. The constantly evolving collective ORDEAL & PLIGHT emerged in 2012 out of a Black Metal band. It was set goal to get rid of any scene-specific corsets – or ammunition belts. Instead of riding the devil’s dead horse it was time to head the hell within. It is all about exploring artistic poles instead of staying in a comfort zone. No record will be recorded twice.

"Her Bones in Whispers" is an album to lie on the floor to. It is not written for parties or other amusements. Neither is it a background soundtrack. It is a record for the single individual in a contemplative state. "This is how we perceive the sound of the early 2020", states the collective’s artistic mastermind Stefan Hackländer. With balanced instrumentation, meandering from pure electronica to guitar, bass and drums – and anything in between – with pure instrumentals and songs with varying vocal contributors ORDEAL & PLIGHT transform feelings of sadness, anxiety and heartbreak into audio. Nevertheless musical influences can be heard. Stefan Hackländer describes it as "something somewhere between Angst Skvadron, Klaus Schulze and Portishead. A merging of diverse influences that create this musical vortex which we call ORDEAL & PLIGHT."

The album’s title, derived from T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land, addresses this vortex. It is a current carrying someone lost along – which again is a fitting metaphor for the experience of listening to the album. ORDEAL & PLIGHT’s twentytwentyone personnel on "Her Bones in Whispers" is besides Stefan Hackländer and Reiner H. Wiese: Ryanne von Dorst (Dool), Alessandro Tartarus (Secrets of the Moon, Tulcandra, Haradwaith), Daniel Schweigler (Sweet Ermengarde), Cornelia Schmitt (Mandrah).

"A Hole In The Ocean" - Official Track Stream: https://youtu.be/Jei2PVyi7VQ


1. I'm Seriously Not Over It
2. Extra Pain Medication
3. In The Desert I Prefer You Over Water
4. A Hole In The Ocean
5. Empty Stages
6. ...And I Miss Her
7. Maybe Tomorrow
8. Pictures At An Inhibition
9. Morro Bay
10. 50.73743°, 0.24768°
11. Beautiful Fever
12. Exit: Let's Be Careful Out There

Photo Credit: Friederike Hersemann

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