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Aeons Untold
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Testimony Records


Testimony Records proudly presents the debut album of Belgium’s SLITHERING DECAY!

From the gruesome depths in which they mercilessly rule, the ancient gods of the HM2 buzz saw cult summoned fresh disciples to serve their cause. Niko (ex-Tyrant’s Kall), Jörgen (Theudho), Bart (ex-Fleshmould, ex-Storm Upon The Masses) and Tomas (Human Vivisection, ex-Fractured Insanity, ex-Storm Upon The Masses) answered that infernal call in 2017, crafting frantic hymns based on barbarous riffing, chaotic soloing and ferocious hammering under the moniker of SLITHERING DECAY. In March 2018, they committed four of their twisted concoctions to tape and unleashed them upon the realm of mortals in the form a cassette demo, highly appropriately yet fabulously apathetically entitled "Demo 2018". The fifty black cassettes quickly found their way to all corners of the earth, while digital copies were left to quench the blood thirst of new devotees. In the meanwhile, more disharmonious pieces were conjured from the nameless abyss. Once again engineered, recorded and mixed by the band themselves, ten wretched pieces were gathered for their debut full-length, "Aeons Untold".

The album received a final sonic boost through a master by Dan Swanö. The sinister cover art by Wesley Dewanckel outstandingly captures the atmosphere of the madness captured on the record.

"Metaphysical Iconoclasm" - Official Track Stream: https://youtu.be/HmbXksO7i00


1. Metaphysical Iconoclasm
2. Bloodstained Tears
3. Orgy of Flesh
4. Embedded in Hollowness
5. Internal Dismay
6. Psychotic Ecstasy
7. Verminous Flood
8. Resurrected in Chaos
9. Doomsday Prayer
10. Blood Unforeseen

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Download 300dpi printable (151 kB)

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